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applying online marketing

All this diversity of tools is created for online marketing… Why do we need so many different tools? Which ones we should choose?Why…? How to use…? A lot of different questions appear in my.. and I believe every online marketers’ heads..

These are the questions I tried to find answers to, during the lectures.. I am still not sure if I have a clear overview of online marketing, but I am secure my knowledge increased a lot..

So, why? Why do we need so many different tools? There is the website called “internetlivestats” which purpose is to count the number of internet users online and the last data shows that 40% of world population has access to the internet. This 40% contains of different people from different backgrounds, with different values and needs. That’s why we need so many tools.. in order to meet everyone needs.. 

In our project we need to meet our NGO needs.. What I found out interesting and I could suggest our NGO is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) (also can be called cost-per-click) internet advertising model which lets to sign up for cost-per-click scheme which means that you don’t have to pay for your ad placement unless someone actually gets interested in your ad and clicks on it.

Also, i found out free tool called Hootsuite for managing information online. It is presented as one of the most popular information managing tools but for me it is something completely new. This tool can be used for company website (with big data collection) or for personal social media management too. It enables you to quickly post to all the main social networks and review all conversations and messages in a clear structured way (categorized by different social networks).

Every business should consider online marketing tools, because every year online force becomes bigger and bigger and more people will look for what they need online. Internet completely changed the way people get information, also the way people communicate and even the way people do shopping… 

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Who wants to crowdfund me?

Nowadays it seems easy: SiGN UP, LIST YOUR FUND NEEDS and

                       YOU JUST STARTED YOUR BUSINESS!

I would like to share Chance Barnett’s (Contributor at Forbes magazine) definition of crowd funding which says that “Crowdfunding, at its essence, is exactly that — connecting “crowds” directly to those who need funds.” I found this definition very accurate, it just back up the saying “simple is genius” again..

From my point of view… i call crowdfunding awesome when it comes to real art and design.. For designers it can be difficult to start their own business because crazy and unusual ideas can be misjudged. That’s the main reason why crowd funding is perfect opportunity for designers. Designers who use crowd funding can not only have direct access to information and business opportunities but also opportunities to innovate and think and create ‘out of the box’. Also, searching for different investors and managing them is time consuming, while crowd funding gives an opportunity for starters to raise money in one investment. On the other hand, the advantage that crazy and unusual ideas can get funded more easily makes it disadvantage, because then stupid ideas can get funded also (sorry for aggression)…

So…. guys, maybe let’s sign up on Kickstarter? Or you know some better companies for that?

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Quote by Hellen Keller is perfect to describe my point of view about working in teams. He says…

Quote by Hellen Keller is perfect to describe my point of view about working in teams. He says “Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much”. Projects are always more successful when they are done by a perfect team. Why? I can explain it very simple. More diversity in group -> more different skills + more different ideas (which comes from different backgrounds). A lot of different ideas needed not only to consider them but also in order to inspire each other. On the other hand, I can also disagree with the first part of the quote : “Alone we can do so little” because to be true I am way more productive when working individually. But i would not be that productive with only my own ideas. 

I am pretty sure we are doing great with our project…because we have amazing leader.. that’s why..

Second part of this illustration describes our group perfectly.


Even if our Maggie is bossy sometimes, she is a LEADER. 

The team she leads (yes, I am talking about my team) has where to improve but let’s start about where we have improved already!

We are good at sharing! We always tried to share as much of information as possible but we did not have a right online network tool for that. We started to use Slack and it become way easier to share information, communicate and plan.

Plan! Exactly! Planning is the second thing we are good at. Most because of our leader/manager Maggie who makes a schedule for our activities based on our activities plan.

Where we need to improve is.. thinking out of the box!

We can improve it by brainstorming more, sharing ideas, creating and working together or also by using thinking techniques! I know there are some techniques explained in one of our study course books. Guys, maybe u already tried some?

So…. Maybe i should go have some thinking sessions?

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My Online Space

Here we go, my profile in Facebook - the website which goes to my top 3 or top 5 most visited ones. Facebook is the only one website I use where I interact with other users, another websites I use are designed to collect and share diverse information. For example I browse in or I use those websites not only to gather information for my studies or work, but also to relax my brain from thoughts. There are a lot of different websites with the same purpose as mine mentioned but I chose these ones because I find them the most real (by saying “the most real” I mean that I find almost every article interesting for me in different ways. Maybe the creators’ of the website target market is people with the thinking like me). Guys, you should check those websites, we are studying the same programme for the reason!) By the way, maybe you also know some ‘cool’ but useful websites I can browse for the information in?

Furthermore, I use Slack, but its not MY online space, i can call it OUR online space, because I use it with my group only.

In order to find out about what’s going on in the world from other angle i used to use 9gag, but now it’s not funny anymore. 

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Use of technology

When it comes to technology i am usually negative about it because i am not the biggest fan of computers or smartphones. Why? This picture illustrates my opinion perfectly (i didn’t draw it).

Don’t you think the same?

Buuut when it comes to use of technology during the studies i am up for it. That’s where i will focus in this blog, on the online tools in order to improve my work and group work in school.

All my life i was using Skype in order to call somebody online or send files and Facebook to chat. These two I guess are the most simple ways to communicate but now i understand that they are not the most effective. 

After I started to work with my group I had to start using the same online tools in order to interact with my group members. I did not have any preferences while choosing a tool so team decided to use Slack in order to chat, send files, make appointments. In my opinion it is way better than Facebook when it comes to school assignments. For instance, when I use Slack for chatting instead of Facebook I can fully concentrate on my conversation and don’t get distracted by other notifications or messages (what is likely to happen on Facebook).

Also, I started to use Google + (Google Hangout) instead of Skype. But i started to do it earlier, because Google Hangout allowed more participants to hangout while using cameras while Skype was asking for a fee. (From now on Skype made it free also. I guess it was the consequences of free Google Hangout, what do u think guys?

C U <3

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With this new tumblr account now i feel a part of online community. I feel? I am.(:

So… Online communities…This idea of student blogs in tumblr is perfect example of how online communities and networks work. We all are different, we share what’s in our heads -> we inspire each other & we teach each other. We can learn from each other, can’t we? 

Furthermore, if we leave tumblr alone and have a look at the whole online universe, all the time of the world is not enough..

If we chose the right information and we use it in the right way, the outcome of our team project can be impressive. That’s what i would (will) like.


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