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Mind to Matter

When it comes to marketing, it distracts our direction of mindset to how to sell it. Familiar with online shopping? Most stores, big or small, are using this method to reach more customers. 

Even if PAGE do have a website ( ), their existence is still far away from being known. Now it’s time to get people to know more about it. Remember that we are focusing on getting volunteers locally, so popularity isn’t really an important factor. 


This goes back to Nancy because we knew about PAGE from her. How did she found out?

It started with that one question…

As she have became our guide as ideas and development, we had another video meeting with her. She said that she knew PAGE from Elizabeth, who happen to be friends with her. 

And one more…

How did you build relationship and manage to keep it going on from various networks?

Well, because they are friends.

I do personally believe that when you make friends with someone, especially a good one (they are hard to find), you will build a continuous relationship. As for teachers, there are many people and not just teachers, who are willing to teach other people. This evaluates that the moment when you communicate with outer communities, you build relationship. This should not matter to our program because volunteers will definitely build a strong relationship with the girls as they continuously keep up with the lesson and introduce interesting topics.

Therefore, we decided to arrange the program into separate categories in this sketch below

What are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks based on your experience in this course and your project?

Based on my experience with the process of project community ideas so far, I found some design principles to formulate a better way to handle online communities;






This principle will be use as our method of finalizing our last project; video. We created a script to make the process of the video more convenient and efficient. To keep the productivity alive, we suggested to celebrate it right after this whole course is done by having a lunch/dinner together or hangout somewhere. As a student, i have to participate in a teamwork and we have to show consistency in our work by being aware of the topics we have learnt each week. To keep our originality principle, we have to constantly remind ourselves to focus on our ideas of our program. The Digital Literacy Program itself is our original idea. The theme of our video will also be original, and I decided to make it cute for The Pickles.

To link this with the topic, as we students knows less knowledge about the business world than elderly or any businessmen/women out there, I want to learn how to create/offer something that interests customer and goes viral. This will make me become a great innovator/designer. 

By doing so, I will personally discuss these with my parents because they are also businessman/woman. I will also initiate on experiencing a part-time job, participate volunteering events, and some other activities that could help me develop my business skills.

Since this is a project community course, we as students do things voluntarily. Think about charity, donation, “free”, etc. As innovators/designers, we don’t mind to think about what matters to our client. 

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Social media have been controlling our method of communication indeed and I do space out a lot of times while contacting my friends. They usually got irritated and say Are you listening? Do you understand what I’m saying?

Other than Facebook, GoogleHangout have been influencing our method of communicating, we decided to explore a little bit more about the usefulness of it. This is how the idea of Digital Literacy Program came up. 


As we are getting more insights to Google+, we decided to create a circle in there. It is easier to share videos privately within a group (any size) by Google+. Therefore, we don’t have to publish them to youtube before sharing the link in our Facebook page. 



If you’re talking about ethics and respect, physical meeting is the answer. I personally do prefer face-to-face meeting if I have to discuss something with my group because it affects my level of productivity and motivation. If you’re talking about involving outer community, virtual communication it is. We have as well experience a hangout session with Nancy White during our class assembly. It have been a successful method of communication.

But why do we suggest Digital Literacy Program if I, myself, do not like the idea of virtual conversation?

Remember when you were a little kid, you were constantly taught to Listen to your teacher? If we analyze a deeper thought towards psychological factor, we see teacher as a respectful man/woman. So, students will not be distracted and they will pay attentively to listen during the lesson. This is how we think the program will most likely to succeed, as I have also show a proof of our virtual-conversation-with-a-teacher experience above.

Since the program is focusing on getting volunteers, we contacted local universities who are willing to voluntarily teach these girls of PAGE. To link those technological tools with crowdsourcing as a method of marketing, we use Google+ as our platform for the program.


In my own opinion, I think cultural differences do differentiate preferences of tools. However, this is not a big obstacle for a method of communication because even if you are new with (any tool), you will be able to get along and participate the conversation. And if some people are sticking to their preferences, we can always cooperate with them. After all, we as students are here to learn and as innovators/designers are here to listen to what our client needs.


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Technology Stewardess-ship

I love traveling and I had a thought of becoming a stewardess just because of it. In this case, I am digitally traveling; my group and I (six stewardess and one pilot) arranged a hangout meeting with our NGO partner; Elizabeth McIntosh from Madison County and also Nancy White from Seattle for further ideas and development. Getting to the first step; we have reached our NGO client, who is PAGE (Partnership for Appalachian Girls’ Education)…

And one more step ahead; developing ideas…

Communication these days…

The method of communication is virtual in this current century we are living in. Smartphones/devices is the amoeba. Without it, we are missing a lot of new things. I usually reach my friends and family through LINE or WhatsApp for text messages. Video call is the most trending method of communication because you get to see each other’s faces and it is pretty much a magical little thing. FaceTime is the most practical way of video conversation, in my opinion, and most people use Skype for it. Lately, people have been addicted to SnapChat, which is a 10 second max per one-take video or picture (or what they call it #selfie nowadays). However, in this project, we decided to use a totally foreign method; Google+ for project-purpose conversation. This will then, add some experiences in using a new tool; Google Hangout.

Conversations lead us to new informations…

Spidergram is a useful chart to picture the difference between what we know about how strong the activities of the online community are rated and how much they are supposed to be. By knowing the differences, it can help us further to define our goal by focusing that particular area of activity. For example, by the spidergram above, we need to focus on cultivation (growing the community) and context (internally-focused). So, our plan is to focus on raising awareness within the local community.


We as unique designers are willing to help by creating impressive ideas for PAGE. We have to keep in mind that we plan to raise awareness locally. Although we are not familiar with them at the moment, we will!

To make our research work efficient, we decided to divide tasks

there will be two or three people working on these…

more information about PAGE, more information about learning program from local institutions, more information about video method

Again, talking about communication, based on cultural differences, it affects what kind of tools we are using to reach international network and how familiar are we with these social media. Therefore, we decided to stick with Google Hangout. 

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Double Agent

What does it sound like to you? A secret identity? *Nah, stop being so overly imaginative, Elle.* But I’d like to think about it that way, let’s make something fun out of it. This time it’s about how communities and networks can support your work as a student and a designer/an innovator

This brings me back to one of those days in our introduction week, when we were asked to sell jewelry out of shoelace and wooden pendants. One big mistake that my group and I made was focusing too much on how to create something beautiful without knowing what the client wants. Therefore, we couldn’t sell what we designed in the beginning. This is where the starting point of project community is; getting to know who your NGO is before thinking about what you want to offer. When it comes to the fields of business (career), customer is the KING.

Us vs. Them

First thing first, we, as students, are working as a team. What brings us here altogether? We, as innovators/designers, are willing to offer creative ideas to our clients. Why working in teams? we, as students are here to learn by participating in the whole process and as innovators/designers are here to develop ideas from each of our different field of concepts. You see, not all designers are the same. In this case, there are an architect, a stylist, a videographer, a creative director, a concept maker, a researcher, and a manager. Together, great innovators/designers create great things. How can we make a good use of our specialties for someone else? This will take time to find out as we arrange group meetings to gain more ideas and a hangout session or any other method of digital communication with our clients. 

Need + Want

It’s easier to define for what you want than what you need. These are two different things. Let us take these two aspects into the account of our learnings. It’s about what we want to achieve things for ourselves (needs) and how can we do it (wants). So, we have to know what we need first before doing what we want. For example: 1. Knowing your NGO; i need to know what to offer so i want to arrange a meeting and communicate. 2. Setting up your goal; i need to make my client happy so i want information and create something involving the fields of technology, food, education, etc. Personally, in this case, as a student, I want to learn so I need to be actively participate group meetings and get tasks done well. As an innovator/a designer, I want to build relationship, improve communication skills, work efficiently because I need to impress my client, celebrate with my members when our project have succeeded. If we can control what we want by knowing what we need, we can create a valuable piece of work.


It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about creative strategy. We are ready to play your game, NGO! Our goal as a team is to build a long-lasting relationship within and outside the community. And of course, to make our NGO client and audiences mind blown with our ideas. CHECKMATE.

"Specialty Quality" 

ME TIME NOW. This is one of my favorite self-inspirational quotes by Roald Dahl. As for myself, I’d like to improve my skills in videography/film editing by doing the final video project. I’d also like to easily express my ideas and concepts into words with other people because I’m not good at it. I volunteered to the group as the communicator of other networks. I want to improve my social skills because it is one of the important factors that will be useful in the future. I want to build relationship with my group members. Not only that, I would also like to have a little more insight towards different culture (since the group consists of international students). Therefore, I can communicate with various people from different origins and gain knowledge about their authenticity. 

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I apply this phrase in most of my lifetime. For instance, my eating habit and working out. Like having a mouthwatering dessert after our main course meal and workout an hour per day because I really love eating fancy food. This week and the last week of holidays we have been very busy with our video making. I literally use my brain capacity for brainstorming for our final projects. But I am actually pretty enthusiastic about it so I gave out my best for the last. I am looking forward highly to the process of the video making part, it’s going to be real fun!

There are two lessons learnt: 

1. Productivity. If you are not in a good state of it, don’t bother to start working. Otherwise, we’ll not focus on what we are supposed to do. 

2. Plan. No plan, more time is wasted. 

Some things that we have to keep in mind:

1. Finish our video by this week, send it to our client to receive feedback, and we can fix what’s wrong, then we have the perfect video!

2. If we will be doing it during the weekends, we can’t do it at THU; we have a great idea where to do it though.

3. Focus on the program that we promote. Details will be explained in the final report.

I NEED HIGH-COFFEE. Although my most productive period is at night, I still need coffee for some more energy. Thank God we have finally have our ideas polished in a script. I was thinking of writing it on powerpoint; the titles will represent the drawings (since we will be doing a drawing video), and then the body represent the speech, which will be presented by Ava. The script then again were edited and modified by Elle (me), Maira and Ava (the AP graduate). Danny, Roxi and Melvin were working on the drawings that can help to visualize the script. The final video will be edited by Melvin (the technology expert) and Elle (me, pretty much have experience in videography). Here below is a little peek of the storyboard.


Some evidences of our hard work… (on the picture; Ava, Danny, Elle, Maira, Melvin, Roxi)




It is tiring, but the process unconsciously lead us to learn something. I believe that in working conditions like this; it will be applied to our daily life someday after we graduate from university or whenever we are done with our academical institution. There will always be one person who takes control of the productivity and keeps the environment motivational (mostly by food), one person who thinks a lot, one person who are more focused on technological aspect, one person who are good with presentation and literature, etc. This differences in a person makes a great group. A great group will therefore, create great things. Most importantly, we are not doing things only out of our personal passion and gifts. Rather, by thinking outside the box, we link these aspects with outer world connection; take a deeper consideration towards others needs and satisfaction. In other words, doing what we love and making other people love what we are doing. In short, it’s not just you, it’s the Society & You.

You might find it pointless and questionable why are we working so hard for this? and in the end, we do realize that the first time we’ve decided to attend IDE course is to be an innovator; we are future-minded people. If you are satisfied with where you are standing and how you live, be thankful to those great innovators who have been working so hard for us. Remember, we will be like them too. This goes back again to where we started and realize how those tiring days are just little things that will make big things.

And what could be the BEST of the LAST?

Clients and audience are more than just feeling satisfied with our final video, good grades, celebrate, HOLIDAY!

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There are plenty of goldfish in the sea, but purple ain’t one!

First of all, sorry for the delay. To be bluntly speaking, the long weekend distracted me a little and driven up my laziness.

Since that kind of kept me thinking, i think it’s the perfect period to get ‘customer feedback’ because it takes time to fix, review, repeat until our goal and customer satisfaction are in harmony.

My job in my group was to research about the purple goldfish. According to the website that i found , there are 5 important factors that measure the size of your ‘purple goldfish’ . So here it goes

Size of the environment (i.e. the market)
Amount of goldfish in the same environment (i.e. the competition)
Quality of the water (i.e. the business environment / economy)
Treatment during its first 120 days (i.e. start-up)
Genetic makeup (i.e. differentiation)

As an innovator, i think the most important factor for our marketing strategy is ‘genetic makeup’ because that’s what define us, we are designers who make different things. That’s why we have to be PURPLE, to stand out. (probably the reason why Justin Bieber had been so popular, though i’m not a fan of him)

I’m excited for our group final video because it’s my job to do it. I’ve always like recording videos, collecting moments, edit them and publish it in a form of dvd. Since i love sharing too so i share it to my friends and family. I always take opportunities in birthdays because it’s one of the best moments in our life. So yeah some friends from IDE and I just had a birthday surprise plan for Ali. A sneak peek is available on my facebook Elle SLee or Ali’s tumblr blogpost. :D

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Power of CROWD

If I can rewind back to the state of confusion until today; 

What’s up with the blog? What NGO partner? Why does the stewardship have to be technological? What role should I take in individual group task?

This is where another truth is yet to be untold:

How can we relate crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to our project?

When we are talking about funds, we are talking about business. When it comes to business, CROWD takes the lead. The more people, the merrier. I think crowdfunding is directly related to crowdsourcing; the word crowd itself technically shows that this method of fund-raising requires a big amount of people in both internal and external stakeholders. In business, it’s more about a win-win deal; give and take. Even non-profit organizations get something in return; share a deep bond with people and high remarks towards act of care.


When it comes to the world of design, the power of crowd is not so much appealing. A group designers do not need a lot of people. Rather, they need as little members as they want, otherwise ideas will not be narrowed into one specific goal. The role of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding can be more useful to people outside the community or target audience by standing out their creative ideas to get their attention. This might be the reason why designers have the inclination to “go it alone”

SO, which role between these two do we play in?

As a part of this project community, we play both. However, in the case of dealing with my NGO partner, money isn’t really the point. 

You can rally your online crowd to conquer your own part of the world. Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are about connecting people at a local level to create businesses that will benefit communities. Although the world is operating more and more as one global community through social media, people rely on local communities for bare necessities. (taken from 

As what I’ve quoted from a site above, the idea is to keep it local. That is exactly what my NGO partner need, instead of raising awareness of people from different parts of the world. 

After I looked up on sites such as; Kickstarter, Indiegogo, CircleUp, Catapult, tinyGive, AngelList. Later then I compared them and analyzed the following patterns; 

The people who signed up their project came from creative industry; artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, innovators, etc. Since creative industry is broad, there are also a lot of categories representing their project such as; art, crafts, dance, design, fashion, food, and many more.

Statistically, the highest funds percentage belongs to Technology category, and as you can see above I’ve sorted my searchings by popularity. I looked up again to technology only; and they mostly reach funds more than 100%. This indicates that there is a high demand of technology. 

Again, as I reflect back, this might be the reason why technological stewardship play a big role in our project community platform. According to the lifestyle nowadays, it is the most realistic way to be connected to people.

In this case, crowd is all about reaching people to gather more information to support our ideas, adjust their needs and demands (especially if we want to reach more people), and getting involved in my team.

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5 posts!

5 posts!

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“”Death is very likely the single best invention of Life.” – Steve Jobs”

“"Death is very likely the single best invention of Life." - Steve Jobs”

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I find it “odd”

That is pretty much a strong word of the week. I learnt that odd numbers group is perfect for innovators. According to Oxford Dictionaries, Odd means different to what is usual or expected, strange, and it could also mean the numbers 1,3,5,7,.. And this leads to me thinking of the number of people in my group, which is 7. This kind of reminds me of the greek mythology of an open star cluster The Pleiades or “The Seven Sisters”.

I’m not going to explain a lot about this right now, you’ll get to it later.

If odd means being different, then different is unique, so unique is creative, and being creative is good! It is the main point of being an innovator! So I flashed back the things that happened before my group and I actually shared some things to Maggie this morning. The concept of one’s individual creativity that is compiling together could actually make a great work. But, too many individuals’  ideas compiling would get us nowhere. So we narrow our ideas down by setting a limit, considering the pros and cons of the ideas that will be projected. We divided our tasks into three different focus; local university, technology equipment, methods of eye-catching presentation. So my job from those focuses is to research some ways to make an interesting video for our final presentation and still of course, the communicator to our NGO partner and Nancy. Each focus we create little groups from our group, and this is an advantage for our group to save more time to settle our final idea. Not only that, each of us also have an extra research to be done, that is to get to know more about PAGE. I personally think that I’m not confident enough with the knowledge and information I have about them.

Apparently, our ideas were like the little stars in the sky that has no limit. Too much ideas and we were not sure if we are getting to the right focus or not. So what I realized today is that my group and I focused too much on go international instead of go local. Then we keep going back to this point when we feel like “I find it odd” about the previous idea and we improve it step by step. I convince myself that this is getting us to somewhere, at least some steps ahead from our scattered ideas. And this is it. We are finally getting them. Almost there. #gopickles

So, what if I tell you something a little bit catchy or just plain random about the star cluster now? I find this easy to visualize the situation that we’ll be having. 

Familiar with this brand? Of course you are! Subaru is the other name of “The Seven Sisters”. I guess this is how I can picture a little more clearer about the final expectation of our project community work (you probably thought that I came up with a cool idea for our group name instead of what I am actually trying to say). Most of you wouldn’t recognize “The Pleiades” if I didn’t mention Subaru. First, the star cluster idea was just a concept —- this represents us in the state of confusion. And then as you work on that idea, narrow the focus, present it well and clear, make a good impression, people will be familiarized by it; just like when your mind reacted after reading/hearing/seeing a famous brand. BOOM. In short, our ideas are indeed only concepts, but it’s the little things that will lead us into a big thing; A GREAT IDEA. Random much?

2 October 2014

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