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The More, The Merrier

Another week has passed. Slowly but surely we are gaining more insight into the task at hand. I think what we are missing is actually productivity. We should focus on just putting all our ideas/ research down on paper and maybe then our joint expertise will lead is somewhere innovative. Unfortunately a member of our group (Raff) has left the program leaving behind a very estrogen dominant group. Nevertheless we will power on as a group of 5. 

I feel at this point Reddit is the central topic of all my blogposts, which in some way is appropriate as is it has become an essential part of my daily routine for the last few years. So I apologise if this is becoming repetitive but it really is the best way i can explain my experience with the online networks

I would say thats yes I use this online space for personal gain but do very often interact with other people. I quite regularly get in discussions with people in the comments, about topics I want to learn more about or topics of disagreement which can result in heated by entertaining arguments which quite a number of people will often join. Another form of direct interaction is through IAMAs. This is a space where any person can open a thread, introduce themselves and invite anyone to ask them questions.  

Obviously more well know people like actors will be more popular but there are many people with extremely fascinating or just mildly interesting life stories. I have had questions answered by astronauts, journalists, ex-prisoners and my favourite actors Joseph Gordon Levitt and Aaron Paul. Im not gonna lie, I may have done a little victory dance when the last two happened, and may or may not have printed out and framed the answers. So in a superficial sense, these are most valuable to me but interactions on Reddit with celebrities generally don’t go further then an answer simply because of the demand and the number of people contributing to the thread. The interactions which are the most rewarding are those with (I hate to use the term ‘ordinary’ people) who can actually engage in ongoing conversations which I do enjoy.

(OK that last statement was a bit of a lie, most rewarding is still and will always be Aaron Paul) 

I usually ask people a lot more insightful questions…..

I have noticed a few fellow students addressing online privacy in their blogposts as being an obstacle to online interaction. Reddit eliminates this as people can remain safety anonymous unless chosen otherwise. If you know what  you are doing you can feel very comfortable sharing ideas and information (as long as its not your home address :P) I notice that I often end up in threads about the universe. Especially when I’m browsing late at night, faraway galaxies and black holes suddenly become the most mind-boggling thing. I have designed and customised my network so that I am subscribed to subreddits that interest me. One of the cool thing is that you are constantly being linked to a much wider network because every link you click brings you to another website, another community and a lot more knowledge. 

My personal goal for this week is to branch out my social media. I can see this is necessary from the above rant about the R word. Seeing as this blog is going up on tumblr, it might be an idea for me to find out what else this site has to offer. I will provide update of my experiences in my next blogpost. Til then - Eva

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Week 2 – Where the Magic Happens

So back on this space again, a week later, a little bit wiser, just fractionionly less clueless about what it im getting myself into here. And so my second blogpost (although technically week 3) begins here.

This week was quite a productive one, especially the progress myself and my group made in project communities. Our first interview with our NGO client went very well. I look forward to the next few weeks where we will have to explore how we can use social media innovatively to accomplish our challenge.

On the topic of online tools, I admit that I am brand new to tumblr but I like to think I am quite well integrated into the online world. I suppose most of are, being from the digital age and all that. I quite like how social media has divided itself up in a way that you can engage yourself with the type you enjoy the most, whether it be instagram/vine/twitter etc. depending on your preference for photo/video/text post or a combination of all three. This element can be very benefitial in group work because if we have different preference and are familar with different online tools, we have the opportunity to share these skills amongst one another and try new/unfamilar things

As I mentioned in my previous blogpost, my personal favourite is reddit and imgur. I especially like how the profiles remain anonymous so you can truly be yourself and involve yourself with fellow users and subjects that you are most interested in without being concerned too much with what others think. On some level however I am glad that blogging is part of this course because it puts me outside my comfort zone which it something I intend to and think we should all do as much as possible.

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