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Have I learned anything?

Welcome back all!

Since we have started this project with CNPTMKR things have either worked out quite nicely. There we often situations where we were confused and didn’t really know which direction we should take to continue this project efficiently. But what have I learned in these last few weeks? 

I always thought that people are very dependent on their social network like Facebook, but just because of the need to be in constant reach of other people. People are internet-addicts. I know that because I am one of these addicts. However what I did not realize at the time was that businesses/ organizations really depend on social networks in order to survive. The other thing I learned is that ideas need a heck of a lot of development. As amazing our brain might be it is still limited to one opinion. For ideas to really flourish they need to be created outside of the box. Social networks make this process very easy theses days. Product Designers all over the world post their ideas on on-line communities to receive criticism and constructive feed back for them to develop their initial idea. I think that this is a very efficient and successful process because today its all about interracial relations and how better to create something that has received ideas from all over the world. To add to that, this can already start on who finds what interesting. So when I post an idea and a lot of young people post different feedback, I should realize through that, that young people are interested in this topic. And there you have your first customers. 

Now I don’t have any first hand experience on this but that is how I imagine it would work. 

Working on this project just made it really clear for me what can be achieved through on-line communities and what else can still be done for the world by the click of a button. 

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Crowdfunding: Useful or useless?

Welcome back!

This week we touched upon a very interesting topic: Crowd funding. What is it actually? Its a systems where people get together and help either individuals or organizations by funding them. Each person will donate a certain amount of money, this is up to the person who is funding the money. One person wont have a very large effect, however if a community gets together and decides to help this certain individual with their project, there is a large impact to be seen on these crowd sourcing platforms like Kick-starter or Start Some Good. 

There are cases where people have raised up to a million dollars because they just had the right idea at the right time. But I ask myself, does everybody have that much success? Of course not, there are many projects submitted by people who haven’t raised a single dollar. So how useful is crowd funding for them? I would say it doesn’t help them develop their project in any kind of way. So these are the two extreme cases where either a lot of money is being funded towards a project or absolutely none. 

There are still some designers out there and probably a lot of other people who have great ideas but have decided against crowd funding? But why is that? Why would someone decline funding for a project? I think the answer to that is that when people create or invent something worthwhile they want to be acknowledged for that. So I guess when you ask people to help you with the financial aspect it becomes more a project of the community. I think today is a world where ideas can be stolen very easily and when you make your project public somebody might stumble across it and might just think that he/she can use that themselves so what I am trying to say is that people want to protect themselves, and if you upload your project some people might think that their idea is going to get stolen. However this is how I see the situation. I can’t prove that ideas on crowd-funding are being stolen but there is a large possibility that people who decided against crowd-funding might have come across that particular thought. 

On the other hand if people start refusing to share their ideas nobody will get anywhere. There are probably thousands of project that have come to completion just because people just took a leap of faith and decided to ask for help. So in the end you wont know if crowd-funding is a bad idea if you don’t try it out. There isn’t much to lose in just giving it a shot and see what comes out. Right?

Until next week!

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Sebastian's first ProjCom

Working Together

Last week was interesting. We actually focused on how do groups work the best. That’s something i have honestly never really thought about because when I do group work, I get put in a group and hopefully it goes well or in some cases it doesn’t. So I never really gave it much thought until last week. 

In Project Community class we did this activity where we compared different situations in the past where either a group worked well or didn’t. That’s where I realized I had absolutely no idea the last time I worked in a group, well except from the last couple of weeks. In this case our group runs very smoothly. We watched this video from Chris Corrigan on Group size and how it affects efficiency of the work. 

I am currently in a group with 5 other people. In my own opinion this group is too large because the more people there are in a group the focus and order reduces. On the other hand when you work with, for example with 2 other people, the work can be distributed more easily. However as I said before our group is an exception and most likely not the only one that works well with more than 3 people ;). 

What we noticed while thinking about how our group operates we came to the realization that we actually do break up our group in partners of 2 depending on the work. We do this because it seems more efficient when everybody does some other work and then at the end discuss it with the whole group. Gets more work done in less time. 

Till next time. :)

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Week 4: Getting more Specific

Hello again.

This week we worked quite a lot with different platforms. What we did is we chose several on-line platforms that seemed like they could be useful to us and our NGO partner. We decided on criteria we wanted to focus on, to see which website would result the most promising after being rated. The websites we looked at were Innocentive, Collaborating Minds, Enviu and Farmhack. After rating all of them we drew a spidergram showing us how similar or different the websites are to each other. 

After these weeks working on project community I realized that I had to become active again on my social networks due to several reasons. One just being to keep in contact with my group. I hadn’t been using my Facebook for quite some while now because I had the feeling I just wasted time on there. Which was actually true. So I stopped using my Facebook. However now i realized that i do have to use it because i makes contact with other people so much easier. I’m not just talking about Facebook but in my case it would be just Facebook. I was never the person who would post something for everybody to see because maybe I was too lazy to actually find something to post or just annoyed with the many stupid posts you read nowadays. 

Now Facebook isn’t the only platform i am now active with. The most obvious one right now is this one! Tumblr. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this ;). The last platform is Basecamp, but i don’t really see it that way. I see it as a handy tool where you can share information like Dropbox, but with more functions like a calender where you can create events. I think this is very useful. 

That would be all. See ya!

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Sebastian's first ProjCom

We’re actually making progress!

Hey everybody!

It’s been one week since my last post and I have to say I am quite satisfied what with what me and my group have achieved since then. Last week we were introduced to our assignment and at the beginning I wasnt quite sure what we actually have to do. But that has changed!

We had a very informative meeting with Nancy in which we were told about different platforms or communities and how they work. So we came to our first challenge: What makes people want to join a certain community? How do we get people to share their ideas? Thats what we are going to find out.

After that meeting we went right on to our next meeting the next day, which was with Maarten, the founder of CNCPTMKR. This was the first time we actually got first hand information about this organization which was very insightful. We started with asking question about how he came to create this organization and went on to what his expectations are of us.

This week in my opinion was very successful because we got to get in touch with the founder of the company we are working with and Nancy who helped us a lot in getting us started. 

I really enjoyed working with my group because everything went unbelievably smooth and without any problems. I really don’t thin I will have any problem with working with them in the coming weeks.

I hope next week is as successful as this one was.

Ill keep you posted! ;)

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Sebastian's first ProjCom