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Finally final weekend

Finally, the last blog post! Yay, I’m so happy that the end of this module is coming. It doesn’t mean I was desiring to finish this module:p. I enjoyed a lot and it was a meaningful time to get to know the process of how this module is going on. I’m not sure, but it feels like I can write this post in a more relax position than other posts. 

Now I’m under a bit of pressure and responsibility as a video expert. When the course has been started, I was worried about how can I participate in the group work with new students. Therefore, I was waiting the time to make a video at the end.

I want to say the process of video making is quite weird. With my group members and just with Stefan, we had several meetings for the storyboard, but on this Friday, finally, Stefan and I could organize that thing completely. Well, You might think ‘isn’t it too late?’.

Yes, it could be. However, that makes sense, since our NGO changed the question from ‘Raising awareness morphological design in the architect society’ to ‘make insulation SEXY’. Furthermore, Carl-peter already is using almost online communities, so my group spent a lot of time to come up with the ideas what to suggest to him (It means that our client is really a capable CEO). 

On this Friday we could step into the marvelous start. I dare say the first 16 seconds is such a great video. Even to make this video we had to overcome huge obstacles such as a part-time job and using ready-made footages from the YouTube. Both of us were aiming too high (both of us wanted to make like professional video), so we couldn’t start it easily.

However, now we have implicitly agreed on just making it  fast as we can and put everything we can use. We first decided like using after effect for the whole video, but we are considering about Prezi also(it doesn’t mean that we decided to use prezi now :p). Fortunately, I have collected and made some footages to use we could organize them with little editing. 

This is not a busy week. This is a harsh weekend.  In Korea, there’s a quote like this.

Make impossible possible.

This is my one of favorite quotes which comes from a Korean army. I think it’s time to move like this sentence. To make the impossible possible, I work more and more even until this time. 


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Alex Bamford – Sleepwalking

Alex Bamford - Sleepwalking

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What the online communities gave me

Almost one and half month ago that I started a Tumblr. Now one more blog post is remained in the project community. Due to this, I feel time flies really fast. 

Using online communities and networks more and more, I’ve realized the ocean of information is too large to know everything in there. The most important thing about using them in innovative design is sharing design and huge data with others from diverse fields. Sharing ideas makes other designers can get inspiration, moreover, that inspiration stimulates them possible to create another thing. 

Online networks are hubs for the designers. By interacting with together, they know each other and have a relationship. It sounds so awesome knowing each other designers from Europe, America, even from the Antarctica haha. For instance, recently, I became a friend with one of my favorite photographer ‘Alex Bamford’ (find some his works, especially sleep walking, those are so nice) through Facebook. We  had a simple talk through Facebook messenger and it was amazing experience for me. I think I’m lucky one, because I’m living in the real world a few of the people imagined but the most of people didn’t believe. 

 One and half month could be long, but also could be short, so I couldn’t do the research about the online communities and networks enough, but knowing about crowdsourcing & crowd funding platforms as specific was a big harvest for me. Since I start studying in IDE, I’ve considered running my own business, however raising fund was the biggest obstacle. However, now I know some crowd funding platforms such as Kick-starter. Some possibilities of my own business are put in front of me.

I have, also, changed the point of view about social network sites studying this course. Before I had a quite pessimistic thought about those networks, furthermore, about the system that people have to see the others life which they are not really interested. However, now I think if more I know how, better I could use the networks. There are some nice functions, designers put already for the users, in the social network sites but users like me, don’t know, since studying about them is annoying. 

This lesson gave me to think about what is good design. I don’t think pretty well designed layout or wonderful UI design are all about good design. Based on the various communication and interaction with people in the communities, optimizing the networks for users is a significant point of the design.

Lastly, well, it is not completely about the design itself, but I want to learn about patent problems and how to keep originality beside of that. As we can see from the patent war with Apple and Samsung, keeping originality in this world of big data is difficult enough. Even though there are many license marks in the online platforms (Tumblr also!), not many people check them seriously. I sometimes skip to check it and download and upload the data. 

The ‘ocean’, which is called ‘network’, is really huge with a variety of things, but only a person who is well prepared and brave can survive. And I’m living in here.


image from the movie ‘Life of Pi’

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Mmm… Sorry Mr., sexy what?

Ok, honestly, I had no idea what is crowdsourcing, even if I knew what is crowd funding. Well, I participated once of crowd funding to support underground movie in Korea. That was amazing experience, since I’ve got great feeling not only about complete movie, but about feeling like I invested in the underground movie industry. The director invited me to the premiere, therefore I could be the one of very important investors for the first time of my life.

Return to the crowdsourcing, I even didn’t know that Behance (from Adobe) is also kind of crowdsourcing platform. Recently,  I’m using it usefully. I don’t get some feedback or contacts from the companies to work with but I’m satisfied about number of appreciating. Usually seven people appreciate for each of my works, but I think it’s enough for me with some photos amateur photographer took :D. 

Now I know about what is crowdsourcing exactly. Following the HOW staff, crowdsourcing is outsourcing to a crowd of people via an open call for contribution. Typically, for the designers, a winner is chosen, and only that solution is rewarded monetarily. The other participants retain rights to their offerings, but are not paid for their work. It sounds scary and seems like designers always face the patent problems by uploading their works on the internet.

However, basically crowdsourcing platform is one of chances for the designers, especially for amateurs, can get into the professional field. There is no barriers in education and place, they only compete with others through their own works. 

Another is… Think about how cool it is getting feedback from the invisible public :). Sometimes it consists of tough and objective words, but it make designers grow up a lot. For instance,  I also joined drawing community before and I could improve my drawing skill as fast as I could. 

Last one is designers can avoid worst clients who cannot see the value of the works. Sometimes designers wasting time to fit the taste of clients and they need to consider their opinions too much. HOW staff says If the designers have a client who honestly sees crowdsourcing as a viable alternative, they don’t really have much of a client at all. It means that designers don’t need to put unqualified clients in the first place.

Anyway, still many designers (precisely, well-known designers, for example, fashion designer Martin Margiela) are persisting working individual /working with qualified group and not getting into the crowdsourcing platform. But I want to comment that you don’t need to fear about using crowdsourcing platforms. For instance, Kickstarter and Catapult are such a nice crowdsourcing methods interact on each others.

Connecting with this to our NGO company ‘BouwQuest’, Carl-Peter, the owner of the company, is willing to use crowdsourcing system in his work. But the thing is, it doesn’t look like many social network platforms, he is using, help him in this way. So for him, collecting some brilliant ideas from diverse designers is important based on his needs. 

Three days ago, he changed the scope what he wants, from the last meeting with us, as ‘How to make insulation sexy’ and this is a bit more about marketing than former scope ‘Raise awareness of morphological design in architecture society’. Hmm, How did he think to put the word ‘Sexy’ next to the insulation :P. For the morphological thing, we could use one of the advantages of crowdsourcing: getting feedback from anonymous public. However, now it’s true that quite hard to connect with crowdsourcing with the scope. 


image from

Maybe, we could make the mood board by collecting images on the Pinterest by asking people what kind of picture can you imagine when hear about ‘Sexy insulation’, then there must be the entire image of the scope. Well, it is my just funny idea haha

Crowdsourcing with ‘Sexy insulation’, still it is so desired challenge for this week.


image from

Reference sites

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Stabilization phase of the group

Time flies fast and it’s already October Yay.

Now my group is going into stabilization phase. We know each other better than before and invisible tension between us has been disappeared, at least more than a thousand years ago. Our responsible team leader, Eszter, baked cookies, called honey cube, for real and the taste was amazing (I bet this is much better than brownie haha); Lina is in Lithuania now, but she did know what she has to do for the team by asking our opinion about leaving; Derisa is one of my writing teachers; Christian, he is really fun, even he is just breathing; Maartje often sends her selfies with nice nose on the What’s app group page, and, the humor duo of Christian, Sefan is fighting with cigarette these days. As you can see, I assure that my group consists of perfect members including me :)

Following Christopher Allen (Entrepreneur, Advisor&Technologist), a group of 7 people is pretty good. At this size members find it easy to get to know the other members of the group, and they’re able to function well together in a very intuitive and organic fashion. So, we are seven, even we consists of diverse nationalities. It proves we are in the perfect situation to get a variety of ideas and arrange them for the tasks

The point is, I’m not working in the just peaceful group. We know what is important for the project and passionate about our work. We met Carl-peter Goossen (owner of Bouwquest, NGO) as F2F and my group members showed an amazing capacity during that meeting. Even though each of us had a specific role for the project (for me, I’m one of the technicians and photographer), we did our best to ask and get more information as we could regardless of our roles.

Believe, this is kind of magic. When I believe someone sincerely, then that person answers me by showing his/her incredible ability. My group’s responsible attitude of their own tasks (ex. Making an appointment and uploading useful sources every single time), makes me work harder. So I try to take pictures much better and make video as perfect I could.

Every group faces hard time during the working process, and I suffered that kind of thing for several times last year. Now my group seems like we are stuck in the design scope what our client suggested (It is raising awareness of morphological design in the architecture communities whooaa). We are not sure the scope is right and specified enough, and, most of all, we don’t have professional knowledge about architecture. Well, as for a student who studied IDE last year, this is kind of hard time, during the middle of a project, everyone suffers. So I recommended meeting some expertise in the field of architects and we are going to have an interview session with architects later. I think this would help our NGO client in many ways. 

I’m not sure we could always work like a ship sailing on the windy ocean for last 4 weeks, however, I bet we’ve already run well from the start line to this week. My group is doing well, except for taking unnecessary time too much during the meeting sometimes.

The thing is I didn’t show confident look about my ideas & opinion recently, even if it’s based on last year’s experience. Now we only have 4 weeks, it’s time to organize and generate what we did and thought. Therefore, I need to behave more active and be more confident about my opinion from now on.

Reference :

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Kim Jung gi Drawing show in Pohang I’m so proud of that…

Kim Jung gi Drawing show in Pohang

I’m so proud of that he is Korean.

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Network, feel dizzy, but needed

If someone asks me to choose one between using network or not, I’d rather choose former one definitely. Even though sometimes online network bothers me in varying ways, there’s no doubt that it’s already become a part of my life. 

Before I discuss about online communities/networks, I’m going to talk about other spaces I use often. As for my daily routine, my laptop is always with me someone enough to say I’m addicted to the Internet. Yes, I’m kind of online Junkie. Aside from the social network sites, I have to check my portfolio  storage, read some news, check latest YouTube movies and do other variety of things. I cannot say these activities make me interact with others online, but I assure I could lie on the myriad of information, invisible storage spaces.

Social network/other network sites are same as throwing my name card in the air to strangers (Well, Business card for Linkedin). When the strangers grasp my name card, then they think and decide they keep the card or just throw awayafter that, if I survive, I become member in their boundary. Some people don’t think, just accept me immediately. As, for instance, I, once, just added friends and accepted people don’t check who are they. However, the result of that reckless behavior gave me too many people I can’t manage and remember. 



Many people quit communicating through SNS and now the opinion of that huge service is extreme depends on how the person uses it.

I deleted my original Facebook account (now I’m only using an account for IDE group work) and don’t use twitter or something similar  service. But I’m using what’s app/snap chat, and Instagram. Yes, meeting new people and keeping in touch with my friends are valuable, even if it’s in the online. Communicating with strangers always make me full of fun and positive energy. But too much information from them make me sick. When I use Facebook, I felt I was taken away my life from others. Honestly, I did jealous seeing pictures of happiness from others. I was getting tired, while I was showing off my life. Now I’m not bound with any group except for Facebook I don’t want to count because it’s unofficial).

Anyway, I enjoy communicating through amazing online networks (ex. Skype, Google Hangout), since I think it’s very important to communicate with my important people even they live in too far away from my place. Among them, I mentioned about Instagram in the last blog post. This is the most useful network for me now, since pictures sometimes tell more than words. Moreover, I don’t have to feel  stressed to manage my friends list.

I showed a bit pessimistic view about huge online networks/communities, however, it doesn’t mean that I never want to use them in my entire life. What I need now is a clear arrangement of the flood at online relationship. There must be a reason why enterprises or renowned people are still using them. I don’t know there’s a nice network service which is easy to manage amount of people, but if there is, I’ll not hesitate to try it.

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TROIKA – The Sum of All Possibilities

TROIKA - The Sum of All Possibilities

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So, am I used to this?

Personal preference plays a significant role in my choice of online tool, because it’s bit a long trip finding appropriate materials that satisfies my hunger. There are quite many online sites, social network sites and applications that I cannot count on it; if I have to choose one of them I would rather choose Instagram, since I don’t need to talk too much (today’s people seems like they eager to show off their thoughts and to get empathy from others about that) and sometimes one picture says more than words.

 Back to the point, I need to be more prudent when I choose one of these tremendous tools which gives me a headache: Some online instruments are able to design my own space without limits; Some tools consist of various layouts and functions that I can collect articles and pictures; there are sites focus on relationship with others; another type of tools use multiple type of format could build relationship with others, comment simple ideas, also upload picture or video like Instagram/Youtube. 

Fortunately, my group has similar preference of using preferred online tools (if it is not sorry :P), hence we decided using basic tools such as Facebook, whats app, google hang out and so on, however if my group had different favors I would apply this problem to Spidergram. 





Stefan(in my group) & made this


This is what my group did and we can see, especially, members are oriented to building relationship and project more than other options. Only thing remain is combining this data and understanding tendency of the group and choose proper tool.

 Ok, based on the class, role of technology stewards are people with enough experience of the workings of a community to understand its the technology needs, and enough experience with technology to take leadership in addressing those needs  and it’s not about geek but it could be a geek. If this is true, I might be an steward the technology already. Of ourse I’m not immense technology steward but I’m kind of blogger, did run online community in Korea and always use online tools when I work (see, already geek).

Well, become an expertise at once is hard but there’s a nice sentence,

 ’Time only exists so that everything does not happen at once’ -TROIKA. 

Troika is creative artist group in London. Like their say, only thing I need to do is investing time to be used to the technology materials and try to use them in the work or daily life a lot. For instance, first time, I had no idea how to design tumblr and post on it but now I’ve written too much. For the process now, the fastest way to earn my own asset is learning from another expertise’s tutorials/works. 


Wenger, E., White, N., Smith, J.D., 2009, Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities” CPSquare

visit my another korean blog if you are interested :) 

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First time to be great open innovator

Network is kind of huge ocean that we could fall into. Not only for students but designers get help from that enormous community often. Starts from finding information, recently, people are gathering together buzzy in a variety of communities such as a design society.

I’m, also, the one of members in those network societies. I could share my opinion in there and sometimes others give their advice about my works or idea. It works in my real life, especially, as a designer, since I refer what I got from the communities usually for my study and works. This is what I needed before and need now as an open innovator. 

Now my group is standing on the start line to explore huge network societies, however, in the end, I hope all of the group could get the meaningful knowledge and skill from there. We could share ideas more flexibly on the web, and could collaborate with unknown designers all over the world.

For that great ending, I’m going to listen others well and trust them swiftly. Because of my role is distributing my technical agility to the group work, I’ll practice it to improve my skill. 

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