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Last Post already!?

I can’t believe this is already the last post of the course. If I’m being honest I wouldn’t want to repeat this experience. Wait! Let me explain: I really did enjoy the course because I had a really good group with nice people but the part of writing a report really wasn’t cool. One of the things I think were organized badly was that we had the class on Wednesday and the deadline of the blog post was on Thursday night, leaving us with less than a day to come up with a reflection on what we did in class. This experience was difficult for me for various reasons: Firstly, I have never been a good writer (even worse in English which is not my mother tongue) and secondly because, as I already explained in previous posts, I don’t like to write things on the Internet; I like to keep things private.

Well, let’s talk about the main point of this post: the movie. Personally, I was released when I knew that people in my group already have experience with creating animated movies because I am not familiar with any program that could help us. So, for the video we first met in class to discuss what type of movie we wanted to do. We decided to use animated pictures because we thought it would be the best way to present our ideas. That part was easy but to decide what to put in the video and in what order turned out to be more difficult. In fact, we didn’t make a real storyboard until we were asked to do so, but we had a plan throughout the process. So just after that we started to think about how we were going to illustrate our concepts and solutions that we came up with along the way through images. We came to the conclusion that we had too many things to put in the video and not enough time, so we decided to also write a report to explain all the ideas we wouldn’t include in the video.

Before finishing class we divided tasks, so everyone would do their part according to their personal strengths: Emily and Laura are in charge of making the video while Silver, Allie and I are working on the report. My part was the one regarding our recommendations for volunteering. So at the moment we are all looking to finalise our work before the deadline. 

I’m so excited to see the final result of all the work we have done. It as been a great experience the one of helping to make the video (even if I did not really help in the creating part) because we started the module knowing that we had to do a video at the end and we manage to not think about the video but about the content, and this is why, I think, we had to do also a report because we where working on solution and not on our final task. I have learned a lot from my colleges such as how to organise thinks better or just ways of working that could be useful to me in a future.

So as a last think, I want to thanks all my team for all the good job done and I’m looking forward to work again with them ( if they want to work again with me ;) ) 

Well that was my last post I hope you enjoy riding it!

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Hi, This week in class we have been talking about crowd founding and to understand this topic we…


This week in class we have been talking about crowd founding and to understand this topic we have done some research and played a game. The game started by looking for three hard question, per team, about the topic and then chose an “expert” in the class who could try to respond to the questions about crowd founding from the other classes. We had to chose a stumper who were in charge of making the questions to the other experts from the other groups.

The blog topic of this week is about pros and con of crowd founding. After thinking a long time, revise what we did and some research, I have some pros and con that I hope you agree with me. I will start with the pros.


=> You raise awareness about your designs 

=>You don’t have to worry about debts to banks

=>Don’t have to worry about financials and so be more focus on the project

=> A lot of new ideas can come true and other can be improved.


=> If you put your ideas online without before protect them (copyrights or patents) some can see your ideas and stool them

=> More than the 50% of project do not reach they funding targets

=> If you don’t reach your funding target, any finance that has been pledged will usually be returned to the investors

=> In generals terms: you play all to one card ( very risky)

=> It become less personal because you just put it online and wait.

As you can reed most of the pros has a con, so in my opinion it all depends on the risk you are able to take in your project. I don’t think a big design project can be found only thanks to crowd founding but its a good way to let you know to the world and your designs. I think designers don’t like crowd founding because first, everyone can see your ideas and stole them and secondly because you lose authenticity because you are not doing it alone but with all your investors.

Thanks for reading.

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Team work!!


Well, this week topic is about group work. The other day in class we learned some important things about this subject as, for example, that is easier to work in a small group because went you work in big groups ( more than 5) a big part of the time you use it for the organisation part. And even after large groups always end up splitting in smaller groups to work better. 

In my group of project communities we have already experimented this because we are 6 people in the group. As an example in the research par of the project with our NGO we divide our group in two to research one about donation and the other about volunteering. I think despite being six, the group works well. This, in my opinion, is  because there are a couple of people in my group with leader skills. In my case, I’m the type of person which is good doing what they told me to do, in other words I don’t have leader skills. Furthermore, in the group we don’t have problems of gender because we are three boys and three girls. I think right now there is nothing that can be improved in the group because most of the things are working well, thanks to he good job of my team members. The communication and the searing of information is really good and everyone is serious and do is job so I have nothing to complain about.


To answer the challenging question,there are a lot of challenges! First, a challenge that I face everyday in each class is the language factor. I used to do all my lectures in French and in Spanish and the fact that all the lectures now are in English i confuse me a little bit. By the way, I hope this will some disappear because I will get use to. Secondly, I not use to this type of group work. To explain, I was used to that teachers gave us the assignment and the dead line and that’s all and that is confusing for me. And at last, all my team members are hard workers so I’m trying to follow they rhythm. So in conclusion, we can say that all the challenges come because of me. I want to thanks my group members for they patience with me and I swear that I’m going to make a bigger effort to be useful to the group.

In my culture differences class, we talk about the cultural shock that can be produce by working with people of other countries. In my project communities group we don’t have this problem (I think). But I have already experienced this cultural shock in other situation, or example in the cultural differences class which I work in a group were there is clearly differences in the way of approaching topics or even in the way to think. 

Thanks for reading!

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My digital life


The topic of this week is about network. I don’t think I’m the best person to talk about this because I’m not into this part of the Computer world. The truth is that before starting this year the only network page I was into was Facebook and the only reason of  that was because last year most of the documents that the teacher gave to us were published on Facebook.                           For the people that follows me on Facebook, you would have notice that 90% of the photos of my wall are photos from other people in which I was tagged in. That can give you an idea of my online activity.

Furthermore, I only use these networks as a source of information and entertainment, for example, information about homework or funny things like videos or photos or even jokes. And I don’t understand the people  that publishes all their lives online, I can understand that you want your friends to know what are you doing but I still see it like a little bit arrogant. Despite the fact that I don’t use a lot the network, I still think they are very useful.

In my everyday life I use networks like a way to communicate with friends and family. One of the reason is that because I’m abroad, and speaking with people in Spain is very expensive and using the networks such as Face-time, Skype or even Whatsapp, is free. In addition I only use email for work or to communicate with my family in USA ( because my grandmother only knows how to use email).

I don’t think I will be useful for my group of project communities on this aspect of the work because of this lack of knowledge in networking but I hope I can help in something even if I need to go against my way of thinking. I only want to help. 


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My electronic side

I used to think that I was good with computers, but since I’m here I have the strange feeling that all I used to know is not enough. But I usually learn very quickly so I hope I can catch up with the level.

Also, the truth is that I’m not a professional in any tool. I’m more the type of person that knows a little bit of everything ( or this is what I like to think). In my school they used to make us work with Power-point or Prezi so these are the two tools I know how to use the best. The fact that I know a little bit of everything is at the same time something positive and negative. On the one hand, I can teach easily to someone the basics of a computer program. On the other hand, not knowing a lot from a tool can be a hold back for my team (but in this case I would find the way to catch up quickly). If I have to be totally honest, the tool I like the most is Prezi because it allows you to make interactive presentations. But I’m open to any other proposal the only condition is that it must allow you to make good and creative presentations. Because, I know how hard is trying to follow a boring presentation.

I don’t think I have a lot of quality’s that can be useful for the other groups, the only one that may be useful is that I love challenges and try to figure it out how can we do things in other ways than usual.

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My first post!!!

Well, If I have to tell the truth,I’m very nervous because since I arrived, I have met a lot of talented people. But even if it makes me feel nervous and afraid it is also a challenge for me. I think that this will make me improve faster.

I also want to mention the fact that even if the course has just began I have already learned a lot of things and I hope this will continue like that for the rest of the year.

I have always considered my self a very creative person and meeting people that have the same interest is very encouraging. In addition I hope the programme will help me developing this skill and teach me how to use it well so I can use it to help others to be more creative also.

Thank you for reeding!

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