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Blogging on LinkedIn – it works!

linkedin long post blogging
LinkedIn offers a great tool for all experts out there who wish to share their knowledge with a relevant network. I have suggested several people and organisations to take a look at the “Publish a Post” feature on LinkedIn.

Benefits of blogging on LinkedIn

This is some of the feedback I received from clients & colleagues who used the blogging feature on LinkedIn.

    • More Profile Pages views & more relevant contact requests – Business developer at Solidaridad (I’m an internet marketeer at Solidaridad)
    • A journalist contacted me after reading a blog post on LinkedIn! – Business owner
    • More likes on a post I publish than on a status update and I got a new client – Business owner

The video below is a marketing production by LinkedIn, however the above feedback I received looks rather similar: people respond when you publish a post on LinkedIn.

Here you can read more about what LinkedIn calls a ‘publishing a long-form post‘.

Publish a post

In a post on LinkedIn called “Everything You Need to Know About Publishing on LinkedIn” I found this presentation. You’ll find some good tips & tricks.

But above all I recommend that you get started by publishing your own content on LinkedIn. Good luck and please do share with me how your are doing.


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