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Stopping to smell the roses again and to contemplate on not only…

Stopping to smell the roses again and to contemplate on not only my Techy Stewardship, but also my me, we and network area’s I haven’t mentioned yet.

My technology Stewardship is as follows: I’d like to help, I try to help, I change websites, I add posts, mix things up, fix them, accept comments, trash pics, and help out with Google docs, Hangouts, Prezi’s, and ppts… but when something gets screwed up, I’m usually not the one who can fix it. I’m better fixing a car, for example, or a lawn mower (which was about the same as my first VW bug car)… than I am at fixing techy problems.

For example, I just made the newest Openinnovator2014 Google/YouTube account so we could have seperate playlists for ProjComm, Personal Branding and Cultural Differences… but couldn’t do it without adding my own name… hmmm… I wanted to keep that seperate. Now my name is on the header… how do I remove that to make it an OpenInnovator2014 account just for you guys???

SO, me?, I don’t know it myself, how about YOU, my “We” group??? I could also add a link to my FB page and ask around… which would be a bit larger “we” or I could throw it into Twitter and give it a # to make a list on TweetDeck (oh Ya, I do know how to do that as well…).

Another example is how I found 3 of the NGO’s… I posted a message on my FB page during the summer and Lo and Behold, both Shorty and Carl-peter answered. I was curious as to how we would make them fit the program, but am happy to say that they have shown their eagerness and willingness to work with the students on this community to help build a better one in which they find themselves.
When I asked my fellow tutors, Gabriela jumped up with her contacts withing “Children of Mexico” and we had 3! Nacy found Elizabeth from PAGE and Maarten was our grand NGO from last years project, so we were happy all around.
That’s how I used my network recently…

but in a former life…. I used another number of networks to contact women for my first and second books about women in the building industry (ya know, like architects and urban designers). Via my “” network and DWIRE (Dutch Women in Real Estate), I found women I knew, but because I wanted 100 in each book, I also shouted out via twitter and LinkedIn. Via word-of-mouth the word spread and more and more women contacted me themselves to join this (non-profit) expedition on getting more women visable within the building industry.

For those who are unfamiliar with the business, it’s pretty much a man-run place and women are (were) few and far between… I was lucky enough to meet all 200 of these incredible female leaders in building (this is where the name “Building Passion” comes from… get it? See my Blog name if this has slipped by you).
As it turned out, the women were later offered some jobs, not because of the books of course, but partly because of their increased visibility. Two have become school Decan’s for the faculties of Architecture in Delft and Eindhoven while another 2 have recently been on TV (DWDD & P&W for Dutchies)… and have gone into politics…

I will be contacting another “Building Passion woman” soon to try and get a visit to the new Markthal in Rotterdam. This could be interesting for our international students. Keep your fingers crossed!

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