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Once this group convenes and develops its project focus and team name, this will tell you more about this group.

Confusiasm (Confusion + enthusiasm)


This week we had it over how to use online communities and networks. Having already some experience on it, I wrote down everything that was interesting, relevant and new to me.

First of all, Nancy gave an outstanding introduction on the first video. She emphasized that project communities are to explore, discover, and imagine. We got to know the urban term “enthusiasm, and to the four design hats (teams) which are idea networks, work teams, crouwdfunding, marketing.

Furthermore, Beth Kanter explained us why the tools we will use are not enough to succeed with our project. We found out that success is to be seen differently from other point of views and success likewise. She recommended us to come up with questions, and define them to get good answers, and talk about failure to know how to avoid it.

At the meeting we chose for a Greek NGO to work with. “Monumenta” is a nonprofit civil company for the protection of natural and architectural heritage in Greece and Cyprus. As for now I don’t know much more about them besides that they are an online magazine created on 2007, but hopefully we will get to know them better in the upcoming days. ( )image

My goals for next time are to create a way to think about purpose and about real life, which was recommended on the community page too. In depth discovery about how communities and networks can help me as a student/designer. Understand our NGO. Get to know them, and understand WHY they do WHAT they do, and what their vision about the millennium development goals are.

Question of the week:

How can online communities and networks help me as a designer?

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Here we go again

Today our new group had its first meeting. All of the members encountered some difficulties during the past module and were not able to pass the project community course. Every one of us experienced different problems. In my opinion I failed to keep track on the course due to my busy schedule. Specifically I couldn’t post satisfying reflections on time and had less focus on the project than it was needed.

Nevertheless, we are aware of what caused this failure and will from now on try to correct our mistakes in order to have a better outcome this time.

At the meeting, we highlighted the three roles that are vital for the existence of the group. Ippokratis is responsible for arranging the meetings with Nancy and our NGO. Boris volunteered as a secretariat and Atila is responsible for recording the meetings and setting up the programs that we will use. Laura and I will be helping the rest and try to compensate the work of the group each time.


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Final final final !

Final final final !:

I am so sorry that I post my blogs so late. It is because I always first write my every week’s blog in the word and then post on the blog later. For this time, due to the really busy week, I forget to post. 


Finally, our group presented our video we have done. I am so proud of our group because we used really limited time to finish this video. I think we all have done our best. Moreover, We have learn many things from this course. Before learning project community, I don’t know that team work is so difficult to handle because you always need to communicate.

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After the autumn break

After the autumn break:

The autumn break is over. Every group member has realized that we have so many group work which we must finish. Therefore, in the class of this week , we have a very long group meeting. We divide and organize the group work to each group member. My job is to make a plan of hiring professional volunteers who can work for NGO. I know it is not a easy work because I need to spent lots of time on searching the solutions by internet or books. Finally, I find two good solutions. For hiring professional volunteers for NGO, the good resources are students from universities. Nowadays, more and more corporations would like to use students from universities as a main resource to extend their business.   And the other one is that for hiring professional volunteers for NGO, the other good resource is elder people. I really hope that these can help NGO a lot.

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The end

Now we have reached the last day of our community course. We presented our videos we were working on. We received feedback from Nancy and are waiting to receive feedback from our tutors as well.I can say we could have done it a lot better but none of us had that kind of knowledge. I’m sure if the time comes to make a second video it will be a lot better than the previous one.
Nevertheless, the course is now over and I think that all of us learned lots of things that can be useful to us in the future. Now if we look back at the beginning of the course where everything was unclear I can confidently say that we made progress as individuals and as a group. We learned to work together and to communicate as a group.
There is also something that I would like to add that I want to memories. If there is something that needs to be done and you have time for it today, then do so! Don’t say I’m going to do it tomorrow! Tomorrow is another day.

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Almost there

Before the class started my group got together to discuss the last details before the making of the final video. It was an interesting meeting that helped us clarifying our last actions. On that day we started and finished our storyboard. We discussed it with our tutor and with each other. The feedback we received was very helpful and gave us a clearer vision of our approach to the project.
After two hours of collaborating we finally moved on to the task division. Attila and I are responsible for the practical work of the video. Specifically, we have to drain the content of the storyboard and with the help of some programms make a video out of it. The rest of the group was responsible for coming up with the content and linking it to the storyboard. Of course all of us added some details to it!
Although I am experienced with working on the computer in different ways I had never used programms like presi or windows movie maker. I have to say that in order to get the best out of what we have learned Attila and I have first to get to know these programms as much and as fast as possible.
Last but not least all of us learned how to work together in a big group. We realised that in order to have the best results the group needs to divide the tasks into individual work, couples or small groups of three or four and finally all together for the refinements. I am glad I can learn through this process because it was unclear to me at the beginning. Slowly I acknowledge the importance of the course and can’t wait to see what we can achieve.

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Work teams

Now we reached the fifth week of our community project course. Finally the group makes some progress. Today we learned about online architecture, how to support design teams, an extension to the previous week of how to work in groups and how to reflect by using the STARR method.
To be honest I don’t have much to say this week but I would like to mention that the project concerning our NGO is getting more solid from week to week. Everything we are being taught is more than useful for helping us with our project. Like a puzzle that needs to be completed and the missing pieces are given to us during the procedure.
The STARR method is a great way to structure a nite reflection. I will try to base my reflections to this method and keep my personalife style of reflecting as well. What we also learned fro today’s video is when it’s necessary to work individually, in small groups or as a whole. Every task has its own approach. I also came to the conclusion that there is no wrong question nor idea as it was also highlighted by our tutor. This will definitely help me stop being qonservative when I have an idea and will influence me in sharing my thoughts and make questions even if I am not 100% confident about it.
I love the fact that we can take advantage of our learning goals and hope we will be able to use them in the upcoming classes.

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The last but not least…I hope

Ok, so the course is ending and we are almost finished, it is pretty hard to believe to be honest. The past week has been crazy and trying to meet all deadlines on time has been challenging and if I may say, a little bit stressful and maybe sometimes I have lost the having fun part of it as well, but I am learning and I think this is a one part of the process.

During the project I have learned lots about social media, crowd founding and crowd sourcing platforms and how they work and how to use them in practice. Now I understand the power of online networks and that by using these online tools efficiently NGOs can get free publicity and it’s easy way to market your organization for free, get more volunteers and donators.

So it’s known that internet is full of tools to make your organization succeed but unfortunately you need to put some time and effort to get all the benefits of them. You need to define what is the group of people you want to reach and how are they behaving on social media. What kind of online tools they are using and what do you need to do to add them into your online networks. It’s like making a business plan really, you need to think what unique things are in your organization and how to present yourself in an attractive way. Some of these things organizations might be aware of but they don’t have time and resources to do anything about it and this is the point where we come in.

All of these are problems what our NGO, Children of Mexico has. They have slowly growing organization and they are eager to expand the number of volunteers and donators. They have a special need for professional volunteers and they want to get more donators and expand their target audience and they are interested in marketing their organization on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Problems they have are lack of time and lack of talented volunteers who are able to carry out projects like a new design for website etc.

If I need to name one theme which would be the most use towards goals of our NGO I would say the theme number one. Many of problems the NGO has can be solved by more efficient use of social media and by using the right social media platform. Of course the first advise from us to them was that they should improve the visual appearance of the Facebook page and post more regularly but when we dug deeper into their problems we wanted to present them a solution which would actually solve one of the problems. This solution is an app which is helping them to manage social media platforms and connects them together. Buffer app (there are others as well) gives them an option to write their posts beforehand and post them at the same time in every social media the organization is using. In order to get more volunteers among their already existing followers they should use Facebook more efficiently and post “wanted adds” and little stories of volunteers who are working for them. Of course this should be done in an attractive way and tell what are the benefits. They could tell about the experience you gain by volunteering and what unique things there are in Children of Mexico, for example they try to help Mexican organizations to become independent from foreign founding. In order to create wider networks they can also use Facebook and this is something you can do by being active and liking other organizations and interesting people and share they posts on your wall and mention them on the posts.

One thing my group didn’t pay attention to was how to create networks by reaching an audience which will deliver your message to their own networks, how to use networks indirectly. This was a one idea I got from a meeting with Nancy. It’s an interesting idea to think that what could you do to reach many networks only being a part of one of them. What is the group of people I should connect first and what is the right place to reach them? In order to expand their target group from people age 35-50 to older people (60-80) Children of Mexico could start to use Instagram which is the social media what young people from 12 to 24 years are mainly using today and try to reach younger people who have a big influence to their parents and their parents for their parents etc. This is only a quickly sketched idea but this is something I would like to think more.

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Error 404: Not found

  Just finish my part for the final video. I’m stressed, I’m tired, and I just want to get it over with. And I definitely need some tips how to manage my time, because it’s almost the end of the week and I still got so much stuff to do.

  Whatsoever, I really enjoyed the final weeks of Project Community. Of course, everyone is kind of nervous and we keep saying that we do nothing, but here we are…and we have done a pretty good job I believe! As we do almost all of the time, we divided the video and everyone is having a task that they are currently doing. Which I think is the easiest way to manage such a big group like ours. I still have no idea how the presentation will look like, but we’ll get there.

  So, I want to talk a little bit about my last feedback, which was: “You started very well, what happened?” Well I don’t have an answer for that. I honestly don’t know what happened, maybe I’m just bad at writing reflections. God knows I try, I’ve never been good at it though. I will work on improving my skills!  

  Well, that’s that. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, he-he!

P.S: I am going to miss ProjComm2014! :(

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Week 8: video troubles

About two weeks ago I started producing my personal branding video, which was a drag. I like to learn how to use new software, but as i already knew editing a video takes a lot of patience. Apart from this, it is a creative process, which makes it slightly less of a drag. Of course i like doing creative things.

As our project community group starts creating our final video, I find creating a video with more students is both challenging easier and challenging . Thats why I started off this post with a picture of two glasses: the usual cliche about optimism. The good thing, or optimistic view on this group effort is that there is lots of input and everyone can contribute with his or her skills. The bad thing is that everyone has different ideas on what to put in and how to present this. This can lead to a longer and more difficult editing process.
To me, it just feels better (and way more social) to have a team of people behind you in creating anything, including a video. Things like thinking up a storyboard or deciding on visuals is hard to coordinate with a group, but even so i believe we can manage to create something that is as individual as it is a group effort.

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