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The first time I read the word crowdsourcing I wasn’t concentrating much so I read it crowdsurfing, which is pretty much the same if you think about it. (And it’s a lot funner to say surfing rather than sourcing, am I right chaps?) :)

To understand why crowdsourcing and crowdsurfing is probably the same stuff, you need to know what the original word means. Crowdsourcing is, by definition:


The use of this word have risen since 2010, if you’re curious about the history of this word, here you go: (what is crowdsourcing)

(Definition source: google)

I said earlier that the two words: crowdsourcing and crowdsurfing, are similar to each other anyway because it is about obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers. It’s like going in and surf the crowd itself to obtain relevant ideas.image

Right? Riteee?

(Source: kateordie)

Anyway, I’m feeling to talk about the question that popped inside of my head, “Is crowdsourcing necessary for designers and innovators?" and to answer that I need to list the good things crowdsourcing offers. First of all, crowds. The crowds would be willing to help us anytime they want, because there are a massively high number of people, so in other words they are available anytime. Crowds are like the main target in order to sell our innovations, by crowdsourcing, we’d build relationships with the community we are working with. Relationships lead to networks, networks are needed by professional selves, by having networks we are having people we can trust and having people who can help us promoting our works.

Lastly, it’s cheaper. Of course it’s cheaper to ask online communities to obtain informations for us instead of hiring professionals. I don’t have to say much, the word cheaper is already powerful; plus, people usually expect foolish things if they feel like something is too expensive, so cheaper is better.


(Source: plated-jeans)

I would say the reason some designers don’t use this method is because of the cons of it. It doesn’t matter how good somethings are, it’d still have flaws. The main disadvantage interestingly mirrors the main advantage (the cheap part): cheap labour results less credible product if compared to professionals, of course. Professionals have experiences, expertise, and they are dedicated; on the other hand, online communities do not have these things.

Sometimes when people don’t have too much time they tend to avoid methods that take their precious time. Crowdsourcing could take some time because we have to manage a large scale of people and sometimes management takes your time to think of other things, design ideas for example.

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distracting from distractions or “de-distract” – GROUP WORK

So.. this is already week five of our project…wow… means that we’re half way there…but really? are we?

I’d say this week was the most informative one - I/ we’ve learned about user habits, commenting tools, more about online structure, food security and also about this week’s topic: group work and group sizes. Dealing with this issue, it’s also time to reflect on it:

Our Group…

…is good at…

being flexible. In my previous team-work experience, it’s always been hard to schedule a meeting or set deadlines, because no one wants to sacrifice free time, cancel meetings with friends or a sports class. But not this time - we’ve even managed to have a hangout, about which we were informed just 40 minutes before it started.  - That was really amazing!

The communication is another thing, which works well in our group. Though, we just switched to  SLACK (thanks for the recommendation, Nancy!), what makes it way more easy to organize things, but is also another platform to log in and check regularly, our team has adapted to that change really quickly! GO Matrix!

…still struggles with…

the waste of important meeting time. Maybe it’s because we’re just girls in our group, that we get distracted that easily. But we also waste a lot of time waiting for people who are late, or won’t come at all, what is not really lifting the mood of the ones who are waiting.

…has five members!

Even though we’re a smaller group than the others, it’s still challenging to stay focused. We were thinking about splitting up in groups of two and three, to break the problem into edges (as Chris Corrigan suggested), but the risk of getting distracted and having no one to keep track on the work in one of the smaller groups, was, in our group, considered as too high. 

So, I have to disagree with Mr. Corrigan, that just groups of more than five have a hard time getting creative. - I’d say that also five people are still too many to be really productive/ creative.

But, somehow, we will also learn how to get the best out of a group of five - and maybe we can then experience „the energy“ which groups of five are supposed to have (as an odd number).

cultural differences? Ooooh yes! 

Especially when it comes to timeliness and seriousness, I (we) had to realize the cultural differences within our group:

Business before pleasure is, for example, my work-motto, It’s in my nature to save chit-chat for later and use the time as effective as possible. But working with people from all over the world made me understand: other cultures have other priorities. Though it took us a while, we have finally found a compromise and a nice time during our meetings, making the work fun!

WE should work on:

I’d consider avoiding any more waste of time as the most important challenge for us.To use the time better and make more out of our meetings - Because, as Maria mentioned in her Blog - time passes by fast! 

Maybe we can use therefor one of our strengths: getting distracted easily - To distract us with a distraction from the actual distraction back to the work. :)



or what are YOU doing when one of your team members gets distracted?

stay tuned!

- M. 

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Dealing With Numbers

I know, I know, the word “numbers” probably makes you don’t want to read my blog post this week but it’s not like numbers as in maths, but the numbers have a connection with our daily life. Like for example, our social lives, does that encourage you to read this post yet? I hope so. Plus, I suppose it’s the right title for this week reflection because yeah, that’s what this all about, numbers.

This week we had some conversations and discussions about teams, (since the theme itself was Work Teams). We learnt about different contents, for example: The Dunbar’s Number, The Group Pattern Language Project, Group Size by Chris Corrigan, et cetera. I personally learnt things I’ve never thought of before, because I thought the "perfect" number of members for a team like our group is going to be three until five. I thought five members for a team is good, a group of four is better, and the right number should be three.

But eventually, after I read about The Dunbar’s Number (because that was what I supposed to read in the class) I found that the right number of people in a group should be in between five and seven. Because it said right there that a group of two could be creative but lacking of resources, a group of three is not balanced because one person would be feeling left out, and so it came to a conclusion that five or seven is the perfect quantity of a group.

Dunbar also calculated using maths that the maximum amount of people in a big company or maximum number of connections would be 147.8, and people would round it off to 150 people. So 150 connections would be enough, no more than that. Although, I don’t think one has 150 strong ties and I don’t think that we need to maximise the number of close bonds we can have in everyday lives. I found a blog post that supports my view. But, what I see is this 150 number is relevant enough for a company or for people who wants to start a business, then I would say 150 strong relationships could be useful.

Oh, numbers.

(Source: Wordpress)

This week we had hangouts with Marteen (our NGO) and Nancy as well. With Marteen we were talking about our assignments, last week he said he wanted us to focus more on agriculture rather than social innovation in general because it’s so very very broad, like really broad. Then this week he told us that we are supposed to focus more on food consumptions because that’s closer to our everyday lives. Unfortunately the connection were not very good so we didn’t get so many informations this week. 

Although we had a really nice conversation with Nancy, we were talking about Marteen’s website which is the main part of our assignment. We were discussing about the deficiencies of the site and now we had ideas about what to advise Marteen. Nancy really helped us with that one.

Yay, Nancy!

(Source: Me)

You know, the reflections are longer as week goes on, there are so many things to reflect on and to learn from. Which is good, I just hope I don’t lose my writing style because I think I’m starting to lose it. I don’t know though, you tell me.

So, moving on. About my group, group 6, The Matrix (yay): I would say that for me personally, it’s working well this far in general. What works well is how we always manage to complete the tasks we have per week without spending too much times. What I’m thankful for is how nice people in my group, like Maggie is organised as (a place regarded in various religions as a spiritual realm of evil and suffering, often traditionally depicted as a place of perpetual fire beneath the earth where the wicked are punished after death.) and is so nice as a person. Maria is always cracking up jokes which makes the whole situation fun and not to stressful. Domantė is often stating the obvious which is really funny to listen to. And Eva is laughing almost at all times, either it’s because of the group’s jokes or tumblr jokes.

What’s challenging for me personally is how fast the other members think and sometimes I can’t catch up, it’s on me though. I have to improve my way of thinking. As for the size, sometimes if we have five people sitting together we would often get distracted, it’d start like this usually: Maria’d start talking with Eva and Eva’d laugh for sure then the three of us would get confused about what were they talking about, then it’s either they would explain to us or not. If they do, we all would get distracted and so yeah. Then after a while either Maggie or Domantė would remind us to get back to the assignments. It’s not a big problem (to be honest it’s kinda funny) but if it’s named distraction then that means it holds us back from our original goals.

I don’t think as a person I have a problem with the cultures we have in our group, everything goes well. Task is something that I see as a piece of work that needs to be done within a period of time. And for me as long everybody is contributing and is done before the deadline then we are doing well and I’d say more or less we do exactly just that.

We did decide something in the last meeting that we’d have a “distraction pen”, it’s just a normal pen but we’d mark someone with it if she gets distracted in the middle of the task(s). And I think if one can’t make it to a group meeting it’s best to tell the rest of the group that she can’t make it and give some pieces of informations or ideas for the group so she’d be still contributing.

(P.S. I sincerely apologise if I unintentionally said something horrible about someone because I didn’t mean to)

Have a nice day!

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The More, The Merrier

Another week has passed. Slowly but surely we are gaining more insight into the task at hand. I think what we are missing is actually productivity. We should focus on just putting all our ideas/ research down on paper and maybe then our joint expertise will lead is somewhere innovative. Unfortunately a member of our group (Raff) has left the program leaving behind a very estrogen dominant group. Nevertheless we will power on as a group of 5. 

I feel at this point Reddit is the central topic of all my blogposts, which in some way is appropriate as is it has become an essential part of my daily routine for the last few years. So I apologise if this is becoming repetitive but it really is the best way i can explain my experience with the online networks

I would say thats yes I use this online space for personal gain but do very often interact with other people. I quite regularly get in discussions with people in the comments, about topics I want to learn more about or topics of disagreement which can result in heated by entertaining arguments which quite a number of people will often join. Another form of direct interaction is through IAMAs. This is a space where any person can open a thread, introduce themselves and invite anyone to ask them questions.  

Obviously more well know people like actors will be more popular but there are many people with extremely fascinating or just mildly interesting life stories. I have had questions answered by astronauts, journalists, ex-prisoners and my favourite actors Joseph Gordon Levitt and Aaron Paul. Im not gonna lie, I may have done a little victory dance when the last two happened, and may or may not have printed out and framed the answers. So in a superficial sense, these are most valuable to me but interactions on Reddit with celebrities generally don’t go further then an answer simply because of the demand and the number of people contributing to the thread. The interactions which are the most rewarding are those with (I hate to use the term ‘ordinary’ people) who can actually engage in ongoing conversations which I do enjoy.

(OK that last statement was a bit of a lie, most rewarding is still and will always be Aaron Paul) 

I usually ask people a lot more insightful questions…..

I have noticed a few fellow students addressing online privacy in their blogposts as being an obstacle to online interaction. Reddit eliminates this as people can remain safety anonymous unless chosen otherwise. If you know what  you are doing you can feel very comfortable sharing ideas and information (as long as its not your home address :P) I notice that I often end up in threads about the universe. Especially when I’m browsing late at night, faraway galaxies and black holes suddenly become the most mind-boggling thing. I have designed and customised my network so that I am subscribed to subreddits that interest me. One of the cool thing is that you are constantly being linked to a much wider network because every link you click brings you to another website, another community and a lot more knowledge. 

My personal goal for this week is to branch out my social media. I can see this is necessary from the above rant about the R word. Seeing as this blog is going up on tumblr, it might be an idea for me to find out what else this site has to offer. I will provide update of my experiences in my next blogpost. Til then - Eva

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like a fly on the online network wall

Hello again,

during my last years of studies, one issue kept and is still keeping on crossing my way: the one and only „Networks“.  While dealing with this topic, I stumbled across this really nice and interesting article, which I want to share with you!

In the text it says, that…

Instant Messages and Facebook are seen as important tools for feeling involved with friend’s lives and keeping up-to-date with their activities,

what describes exactly how I feel about it.

So, I would consider myself as a „passive“ (me/ individual) network user, what means, that I (mostly) just go online to gather information about a certain topic, like I’m currently searching my way through the web, especially through some DIY enthusiasts-networks, to figure out how we can repair our broken washing machine, or to get inspiration for a homework by, who would have guessed that, googling the issue. 

Of course, I also enjoy watching funny videos and skimming through my friends’ facebook timelines to be, even from a long distance, informed about their latest occurrences and see how they are doing.

But I, for one, am not a posting-type, as I am aware of the fact, that everything you put online will stay there forever and can never be fully deleted, whether it’s a picture from a crazy- wild party night, in which you got tagged or an inappropriate comment you’ve made years ago on a friend’s post.

 …it’s kind of like breaking your mom’s favorite vase - you can „hide“ it on your timeline, but one day she’ll find the fragments…

(i know this example sucks a little, but it was the first one popping up in my head)

So I am neither a member of a special, bounded group, nor am I interacting with people from the Network (except from some friends with whom I’m texting via free online communication tools, like WhatsApp, to keep in touch). I just enjoy the, for me, highly valuable, as well as comfortable way of information procurement.

This way I am like a fly on the wall, collecting information and trying not to attract attention or break vases.


…bsssssssssee you!


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This week our group had a google hangout with our NGO (Marteen van Leeuwen) for the second time. We…

This week our group had a google hangout with our NGO (Marteen van Leeuwen) for the second time. We talked primarily about what does Marteen expect from as a group, we even had a pretty intense conversation (ahem, Maria), because Marteen didn’t really answer our questions. But at the end of the day, it was easier than the first time we talked to him and we have this clarity about what our assignments really are. I, myself, was pretty confused about this socialinnovationnews project because the word itself is really broad. I thought we had to give him advices about long term steps but really, we just have to advise starting points for him. I appreciate Mr. van Leuween for clearing things up for us.

Now, about the online tools and spaces I use, like I said I’ve been using twitter and tumblr since forever (read: 2011—yes, since 2011 is since forever.) I have to say that I never intended to use those social medias to harvest informations or to share my personal stuffs. I’m using them just to stalk my favourite singers and artists, there I said it. Because, yay fandoms!



I interact with others of course, without having any idea who those people are, all I know is they are here for the same reasons as mine so I have no hesitation to talk to them. But I definitely got informations from them, either it’s relevant or not but it is a some kind of informations. For example, one day I talked to this particular person and I found out that she’s taking a course in De Haagse as well. Another example, tumblr is a big place, just one click away and we can see and read people’s blogs we don’t even follow, three months ago I was on my tumblr and I randomly clicked on blogs by blogs on purpose and I found this industrial design blog which was this blog and i was fascinated by its posts.

My conclusion is that even an individual who at first just wanted to use the networks without wanting to gather informations would eventually harvest informations themselves. Professor Joseph Walther developed this theory on 1992 called “Social Information Processing Theory (SIP)”, he said that people could get to know each other in the computer mediated environment, whether it’s personal or professional relationships. Conscious or not. (Source).

I would say that I prefer feedbacks than random anonymous questions because it’s more like one sided communication. The answerer can’t reach out to the asker because he/she is anonymous. A place where feedbacks are allowed and people with open identity is more comfortable for me.

Have a nice day!

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WANTED: online tools for dummies

Hello hello!

My head is currently chock-full with feelings and impressions… you ask why? Because we finally got our project really started and are on the verge of achieving first outcomes - jippie!

This week we had our first meeting with our NGO  CNCPTMKR *exciting!!*

We scheduled it in order to get some more basic information about the organization and ask questions, which arose while we were doing some research about our “client”.

Though it was really hard to keep the SKYPE conversation going, because the connection was really bad and video, as well as audio transmission got stuck frequently.

Maybe Skype wasn’t the best choice and there might be better solutions, such as hangout or an online meeting platform. But it is „foolproof“ and so, even for me (a bloody beginner concerning online tools) easy to handle. 

Why I am a bloody beginner concerning online tools? I simply try to avoid them, as I hate being dependent on technical devices (they always break down at the least appropriate time or do not work properly)…

Even though I’ve had negative experience with online tools, I have a Skype, a Facebook, a Dropbox and a Tumblr account, to get a little bit more involved and I’m always willing to try new tools, maybe one of them is so nice that I’ll forget about the prior negative experience?

Do YOU know any good ones, which you would recommend to me?

I also have something for you to check out - the one and only online tool I am positive about: Doodle  (

It is really handy to schedule meetings and you can also synchronize it with the calendar on your phone/ computer (and it’s also very easy to use!! ;) )

over and out,


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Week 2 – Where the Magic Happens

So back on this space again, a week later, a little bit wiser, just fractionionly less clueless about what it im getting myself into here. And so my second blogpost (although technically week 3) begins here.

This week was quite a productive one, especially the progress myself and my group made in project communities. Our first interview with our NGO client went very well. I look forward to the next few weeks where we will have to explore how we can use social media innovatively to accomplish our challenge.

On the topic of online tools, I admit that I am brand new to tumblr but I like to think I am quite well integrated into the online world. I suppose most of are, being from the digital age and all that. I quite like how social media has divided itself up in a way that you can engage yourself with the type you enjoy the most, whether it be instagram/vine/twitter etc. depending on your preference for photo/video/text post or a combination of all three. This element can be very benefitial in group work because if we have different preference and are familar with different online tools, we have the opportunity to share these skills amongst one another and try new/unfamilar things

As I mentioned in my previous blogpost, my personal favourite is reddit and imgur. I especially like how the profiles remain anonymous so you can truly be yourself and involve yourself with fellow users and subjects that you are most interested in without being concerned too much with what others think. On some level however I am glad that blogging is part of this course because it puts me outside my comfort zone which it something I intend to and think we should all do as much as possible.

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Online Tools on The Go

Today we were talking about online tools, what is the most effective tool to use in order to complete our projects. I think that people in this world are curious human beings who always try new things, then they’ll decide how is it useful to them, they like it or not, others are using it or not, et cetera. Social media is one of the things they always try, because it’s free; and if you don’t like it, you can just delete your account with one click, or just let it be there.


Those who tried everything even took their times to explain social media one by one. Using the most perfect example, of course. Bacon.


Of course one’s preferences affect the online tools he/she uses. For example, I, myself have tried almost every social media available (facebook, twitter, youtube, tumblr, instagram, myspace,—I know, lame—and reddit) and I prefer twitter and tumblr more than facebook and the others since I don’t really like facebook and twitter and tumblr are the most interesting than the others. I’ve been using those since 2011.

Believe me, tumblr is a bit complicated, but once you understand, it’s addicting.


Oh, and who says tumblr doesn’t have a national anthem?


Diversity is a part of the world, even not as broad as the world, a group also has diversities among the members. Different preferences led to a discussion about which social media is the most effective and the discussion itself will lead to a conclusion. My group has decided to use facebook to communicate and even though I don’t like facebook, but I must say that it is the most effective of all when it comes to sharing things. Democracy works.

Technology creates a network that expand togetherness, I’m conscious now that understanding the relations between technology and communities eliminate the chance of failure of stewardship. To create a relevant community I realise that I have to be able to spot what kind of social process that technology brings and understanding it.

Have a nice day!

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Tumblr Basics Today I heard some people said that tumblr is…

Tumblr Basics

Today I heard some people said that tumblr is complicated, so if anyone wants to know some tumblr basics, you can watch any videos on youtube about the basics since tumblr hasn’t changed much since 3 years ago.

I found a video that I think is the most understandable and the best for beginners.

Good luck and have a nice day!

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