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The wave

So, one more week and moving faster! Since we defined our objective it’s been pretty great for me. I’m doing what i like and getting results!

We did the first model of the teeny tiny house that i was so excited about! We still have a lot to work on the model but it is already pretty cute :)

The teeny tiny house was supposed to be a gift, for any contribution to the community, once they are not asking for money for a “social cause”, they would have to give back something to the donator to attract more contributions, and actually to thank them!

Crowdfunding is so awesome because is a wave. You just need the drop, and if this drop represents a good idea, if you did your work well, it will spread and reach places you never imagined. Its a awesome advertisement tool too!

I’ve always been in love with graffiti, and back in Brasil I have a big project going on. In the center of Belo Horizonte there is a building very famous in town, because he is very old. The city is 115 years old and the building is turning 70 this year. As a gift for it’s birthday I decided I wanted to do something for the building, for the city, and I couldn’t believe the sidewalls. They are huge! Almost no windows and and is visible in a huge avenue. But its all gray.

So i talked to some friends of mine, that do graffiti, some of them have works in famous magazines all around the world, and we decided to paint that wall.

I talked to the owner of the building and he allowed! I was so happy! But how could i make this happen? We decided for crowdfunding! Is a lot of work but the same amount of benefits! If people belive your idea you can make it tangible, you can make it happen! The crowdfunding campaign is already a huge advertisement, even for the artists work. The campaign can be pretty fun too! with lots of parties and you can meet a lot of new people that is also interested in the same topics!

But you gotta be ready to WORK. Some may see this as a con in crowdunding. For me, nah.

Meet Ed Dantés, my lovely and future pannel building (as soon as I’m back in Brasil) :)

In the end, I can’t really see bad sides in crowdfunding. Getting to know people that have the same beliefs and interest as you seems to me a pretty awesome task, as heavy as it is!

I just hope we can help our NGO to have a awesome experience in hers!

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