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Crowdfunding: Useful or useless?

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This week we touched upon a very interesting topic: Crowd funding. What is it actually? Its a systems where people get together and help either individuals or organizations by funding them. Each person will donate a certain amount of money, this is up to the person who is funding the money. One person wont have a very large effect, however if a community gets together and decides to help this certain individual with their project, there is a large impact to be seen on these crowd sourcing platforms like Kick-starter or Start Some Good. 

There are cases where people have raised up to a million dollars because they just had the right idea at the right time. But I ask myself, does everybody have that much success? Of course not, there are many projects submitted by people who haven’t raised a single dollar. So how useful is crowd funding for them? I would say it doesn’t help them develop their project in any kind of way. So these are the two extreme cases where either a lot of money is being funded towards a project or absolutely none. 

There are still some designers out there and probably a lot of other people who have great ideas but have decided against crowd funding? But why is that? Why would someone decline funding for a project? I think the answer to that is that when people create or invent something worthwhile they want to be acknowledged for that. So I guess when you ask people to help you with the financial aspect it becomes more a project of the community. I think today is a world where ideas can be stolen very easily and when you make your project public somebody might stumble across it and might just think that he/she can use that themselves so what I am trying to say is that people want to protect themselves, and if you upload your project some people might think that their idea is going to get stolen. However this is how I see the situation. I can’t prove that ideas on crowd-funding are being stolen but there is a large possibility that people who decided against crowd-funding might have come across that particular thought. 

On the other hand if people start refusing to share their ideas nobody will get anywhere. There are probably thousands of project that have come to completion just because people just took a leap of faith and decided to ask for help. So in the end you wont know if crowd-funding is a bad idea if you don’t try it out. There isn’t much to lose in just giving it a shot and see what comes out. Right?

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