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all about the crowd…


This week it’s been all about crowd funding and crowdsourcing.

Even though I already knew some things about these topics from my prior education, I think that talking about these issues never gets boring!

The first time I heard about crowdsourcing, was in my marketing class in high school and since then it totally got me… 

I think it’s a great idea to ask many people/ an online community for their opinion, ideas or content, because you don’t only get some nice ideas, you’ll also get a better insight on what the majority of your customers is into. And you don’t even have to pay a lot or hire a dedicated professional for this, because there is always a high number of people willing to contribute!

Lego, for example, set up a crowd sourcing site, on which you can design your personal Lego-set or vote for your favorite one. If a set-idea gets over 10.000 supporters, it will be obtained by a review board and might be produced. And if it makes it to a official lego product, you will get 1% of the total net sales! Awesome, huh? Give it a try!


Crowdfunding wasn’t actually on our high school - curriculum, but I stumbled upon it, while I was working on my graduation project (I developed a new travel gadget and set up a production and marketing plan, collaborating with an international advertisement agency). We also thought about realizing this project and raising the seed capital via crowd funding (indiegogo). I really liked the idea, because it is a nice way to put your dreams and visions into action. You don’t need contacts or to get a mortgage to realize your project - all you need is a good idea and a crowd seeing merit in backing your project.

This way of financing also decreases the risks for an individual, as you get just a little amount of money from (hopefully) many people, and you can simultaneously raise awareness for your project and build a customer base!

So when it comes to me, I’d totally use crowdfunding in my future as a designer (?! - who knows what the future brings).

But I’d restrict my use of crowdsourcing, because, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I don’t like to work with too many people. Though, I’d love to crowd source for feedback, advice on how to improve the idea I developed with my small(er) team and to see, how customers like it. This way you can make use of the advantages of crowdsourcing: saving time and money.

And maybe, if that goes well, I’d also consider using crowdsourcing to gather ideas, like LEGO did, by just letting them try and play around and then decide, if a smaller team should elaborate the idea.

You can find many more crowd sourcing facts and examples HERE! (I really like this site!!)

So, which one is YOUR  favorite example? Why?
I’m burning to hear about it!

See ya!


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