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marketing and crowd my puppets!

it is week 7 of project communities,it seems like we are so close to our goal,yet still so far away. Dealing with clients at first seemed like an easy thing to do,find what they want,and work on it.

But unfortunately it is not like that at all. 

All sorts of misshaps can occur during the time you are working on a project for a client.sometimes the product might not be what the client wants and you have to start all over,sometimes the client and you don’t have the best of relations,sometimes you are just not fit for the project you’ve been assigned to do,sometimes misscomunication happens,aaand sometimes comunication does not happen at all..

"what do you do when a client is unresponsive,or too busy to answer your emails?"

i think i speak for our whole group when i ask this question. well. seems like all you can do in this case is assume what it is that your client wants and go with that. this is the answer tutors and experts gave us.

but "assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups" is what one of the other tutors told us.

so what is there to do? how can you assume a person’s needs without messing up greatly? a professional cannot make something that isn’t exactly what the customer wants

for example,a big corporation asks a hitman to kill a very persistant journalist that is about to find out the truth about the illuminati secret society hiding behind their success. will the corporation not specify the name,characteristics,adress and other personal details of the journalist?

what if the corporation does not provide the needed information? is the hitman supposed to look up all the journalists in the area and ask the corporation for each and every one of them if this one is the target? and is the company supposed to just sit there and be like “no,no,nope,maybe,no,not this one. YEAP THAT’S THE ONE”?

my point is,i think that the customer has to know exactly what he wants in order for the designer to create it and make is as good as possible for him. this way both parties get what they need.


anyway. this week’s theme,i feel was the most interesting so far,marketing has always been a very interesting field to me,since it involves psychology and crowd manipulation. 

people say they hate how big companies manipulate you into buying their products but i truly find it fascinating how they manage to get so much attention in such subtle (ok,sometimes not so subtle) ways.

learning the basics of marketing and product presentation is something i really want to do some day,not only because it will grant me some immunity from falling for marketing tricks,but also because i can incorporate them in my designs and get the public’s attention

that is all i have to say…for now.

till next week,cheers!

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