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Dream on (line)!

Week 07: marketing 

Throughout the past 7 weeks that we have been studying this course we have explored many different themes. These include Technology stewardship, Crowdsourcing and online social structures, Work teams, Crowdfunding networks and this week Marketing. All of these different themes throughout the weeks have all be useful in different ways towards supporting our NGO. However there have been certain themes that have been more useful than others to reaching our goal.

So, what have I learned about these themes?

Nowadays almost everyone has a Smartphone, and everyone is always reachable. You might think we are dependent on our online world, updating your status, liking, tweeting, snapping and so on. I knew facebook and other social media for fun and connections, but for businesses and also for NGO’s, it’s much more important than that.

I’ve learned that some company’s and businesses are really dependent on online social structures, and online social networks can help them with more than just acknowledgement that they exist.

 This is where we started learning about crowdsourcing. When I first heard of this word, I thought of Facebook, how sometimes you see someone starting a Poll and anyone can share their opinion by choosing between a few given options.

This is a crowdsourcing on a low-scale. I found out that this way of gaining knowledge could be something very valuable for designers as well. Especially if you’re designing for the people, why not ask them what they want!?

Yes, It’s that simple, but amazingly effective.

Crowdfunding is a possible way to fund a campaign, project or product of which the ideas are all developed but the money is still missing. Through online structures it is possible to enable its production and anyone can donate money. Sometimes you get the product or some sort of return for your gift.

While doing research about the possible platforms we will advice Maarten to work with, I found out that there are so many ways of communicating these days. Thousands of platforms, all a little bit different from the rest. I’ve learned about this communication platform called Tibbr, which is an amazing enterprise social network and media platform for companies and groups of people working together. It’s linked to facebook, twitter and some other social media which makes it easy to connect not only professionally but also socially. 



Tools like these make the Internet a working environment, where everyone is connected. Producers and consumers, experts, designers, they can come together and make amazing things happen. Everyone is suddenly reachable, no matter who you are or where you’re at, you’re easy to find and it’s also easy to contribute. So I’ve learned that online communities and networks are very valuable for innovative design and designers because they have to design or make something that doesn’t exists yet! It’s a tool to get more ideas, knowledge and feedback from anonymous or known people from all over the world. More and more people start working in online communities for a good reason, as it’s also (mostly) for free.

As for myself as a designer, I would like to learn how to broaden my own network and how to apply everything I’ve learned in project communities so far to my own life. I often don’t know how to express myself, so blogging is something I’m not comfortable doing. The only way to get there is by practice. Besides that, I would like to learn how to find my way around in this gigantic online space. I’m quite chaotic, and if I even think of all the websites and the endless amount of interesting information, my head starts spinning. I have to start somewhere though. I would love to improve my skills with online communities, and the only way to do this is to continue working with online platforms in groups I guess. There is so much more to this online space than I know of, and after I find my way around, I would also like to contribute in some way or another, maybe starting a blog or posting more of my own work.

I think the only way to achieve this goal is to start explore. Read a lot, and then just read some more. And then work it! 

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