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Learning Progress!

We are getting closer to week 9 which is the final syllabus of this module and the presentation of the advises for our NGOs. This week unfortunately we were not able to contact Marteen and to schedule another meeting because he has been busy; although that, we have noted down the things that we’ll put on the video for the final project.

What we did was summarising what we learnt from each syllabus from the first week until now, by that we were able to collect our thoughts for the video.

The power of teamwork!

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I learnt a lot throughout the process, I didn’t know that online communities play a big role for this project and for my future project with a client or clients. I would say that I was so simple minded before this. Online communities could help us in many different ways, some provide good informations such as their knowledges and experiences as professionals that can help other people; some provide a place for us to communicate with other people and we can ask them about their demands and what are they want to see from us designers.

Some sites like innonet even says, "Do you need new ways to plan and evaluate your programs? Do your grantees need to know how to build a logic model? How do you measure success for your program area? Are your goals aligned with your funder’s goals?"

I think if the consumers show the designers what they want, designers sure can design the innovations they are requesting and everyone is happy.

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Our biggest problem with our NGO is our NGO is so busy it’s so hard to schedule a meeting or even contact him. But we figured out that assuming is the best way to get through this phase. We learnt that asking him directly “Is this what you want?" keeps us to remain going on this project.

It wasn’t that hard to assume what does he want because we have informations about the project, about the NGO, and about the goal itself.

I would like to learn how the outside world works, such as how do companies make people buy their products and how do enterprises impact the world with their products. I’m always curious about how this works but the main reason I want to learn those is because at the end of the day I want to have a brand and a company; and in order to do that I need to know several things, I can’t be ignorant.

"Always." - Severus Tobias Snape

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I’m already searching for it and reading about it online, I also would look for a book about how innovative designs’ world works; and I hope I will learn it during the lesson in projcomm! :)

Have a nice day!

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