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Show me your website, and I will tell you who you are.

Hello my potential readers!


Welcome to the Online World, my friend. Internet has changed the world. Thanks to it we can, in a very fast way, reach people and data from all over the globe. Online communities and networks become more and more important. It gives a lot of new possibilities for innovative designers. Some of the products exist only online.

The Online World became a place to be for innovative designers. If you don’t exist in google, it is very likely that you don’t exist at all. Thanks to Internet the world became much smaller. Designers can reach their customers without any go-between. The Online World give them also bigger freedom to create for any target group they like. They are not limited by preferences of their compatriots.

I have learnt a lot about the importance of online communities and networks during my work on the project for NGO. These communities are extremely significant in everyday life of such organization. The engaged facebook page or twitter profile can be crucial for NGO’s popularity. This how you present yourself online, is a visit card for many potential donators or customers.


As a future designer, it is really good for me to know how online communities and networks work. I was always unhappy about this that now everything is happening online. We waste so much time just scrolling facebook. But thanks to this course I have understood that it can be a great of importance for my future career.

Internet is a great place to start with. At very this moment I can do something to interest somebody with my work. Although I don’t have a specific plan ready. But what I can do is to collect my works and start from a portfolio. And maybe somebody would feel interested in my works.


One more thing which I have learnt during this week, came from the TED talk video of Melinda Gates. Gates gives an example of Coca Cola company and how well their marketing strategies work like. NGOs, individual designers and even government should learn from this company. If Coca Cola can reach everybody, why condoms or toilets can’t follow this success?

Myself I am interested in social design and this quite new approach for developing ideas. We have to realize that world is so beautiful, because it is so different. We can’t apply the same thing for everybody on the globe. First we should understand people and region where they live, and then we can design. First we should know for whom we design. 

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