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My progress in online communities

Before I started project communities in this module I didn´t have any knowledge about online communities, and I wasn´t really interested in.

But now I found out in the last weeks that online communities are more than chatting with friends & family, especially for a person who wants to create something like a designer. You are for example able to join a collaborating platform, where are more people with the same interests like you who want to bring something in this world forward, they can help you with finding a solution for your project where you got stuck or help to find an investor for your great idea.

But there are so many online communities outside in the internet that it is hard to find a good one which suits to your field of interests. My group and me, we did some research for our NGO CNCPTMKR and checked out some collaboration platforms and online communities. The problem is, that a lot of this platforms boast them self with the high number of members which live around the world and that looks for you as a user on the first view awesome, but there are just a few members regularly active. So you need to some research before you can taste the sweet side of online communities. In my opinion you have on the one hand little work and on the other hand huge benefits which help you to create something big.

My Design principles

My priority is to safe the time of the users.

To attract the people with the same interests, an online community and collaborating platform should have an easy interface and at their welcome page and short, informative and recognizable slogan. This help the future members to know if this is the right platform for them or nor, and to save their time which is a decisive aspect for working people.

I think in a lot online communities the people get to easy access to the platforms they just create an account for take a short look in this community and they are not really interested in what is going on there so the numbers of members is fake, and this irritates the interested one who are looking for a platform with a large audience.

I have three solutions for this problem:

  1. The people who wants to join have to answer a questionnaire (people who are not really interested are too lazy to fill in that).
  2. The people who wants to join have to apply for a membership.
  3. Or to add a counter on the website which shows how many people are regularly online.

These points can save interested user from wasting their time (on a long term view) and losing their motivation while using online communities with inactive members.

I would like to know: “how to keep the members interested and active?”

Because that is what a successful website distinguish from a less successful one!

So if anybody have an idea for answering my question, feel free to let a comment here.

Thanks for reading

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  • Milena { aahhh we all really feel like this I think 😀 ... maybe the teams for tiny houses can establish our own Project Communities Village above... } – Oct 30, 11:24 PM
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