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Let out and Let in!


Not knowing much about marketing. Its hard to believe that i actually know things related to this now and also feel kind of interested towards it.

Moving towards what the topic of the last class, online communities, networks and marketing. We watched a video like always, the video didn’t really move me but the second video about 4ps was very interesting and useful. 

Online Communities and Networks in Innovative design:

On what i have researched so far there are a lot platforms and the online community is increasing and increasing. An online community can be based on a specific topic or reason or just something completely vague. Having a bit knowledge about this as I am part of a video game online community. As an innovator designer what i have learnt about online communities and networks that when you are promoting your company or product it is cost-less and also your get exposure to different communities worldwide and hence create more and more networks.

Also I think for our NGO that joining in online communities and building up networks is very important for the NGO to make its voice reach people in every corner of the world. Also talking about crowdsourcing and crowdfunding they need volunteers and also networks.

Principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks:

 According to my experience so far in this course and this project the main principles i think:

  1. Its all about the client!
  2. Marketing approach. Set up target group: what kind of target do you want? Would they be useful?
  3.  User feedback & answer support: Dare to ask people for feedback, learn from other people! Let Our and Let in!
  4. Value proposition (promise efficiency to client/NGO) Formulate the value proposition of your client. How to work for client? What can you learn from the user feedback and customer support? What si what your client wants or what can they handle? What is needed to do all of this?
  5. Its all about researching!

This is all about how to approach client and for me these principles are very essential and also what I have learned so far.


What I want to learn?

Finally something what I want! In relation to this topic I would like to learn more about promoting, advertising. How would you promote yourself or you r project to the world? How would you make yourself known around the world? We have done a bit about this but not too much in depth. The reason why I want to this is because looking at our NGO i have realized the thing they are lacking the most is promotion, they aren’t selling themselves much and learning from that I think it is very essential for me if i ever become and innovative designer or even an entrepreneur. 


"Let people hear you!" Zain Sarfaraz (my brother)


We are towards the end of our course and I hope we succeed with our goal in helping the NGO now that we have had our meeting with Henning again we know more about what are the needs of the NGO what can be done to fulfill the needs.

That’s All Folks!



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