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Week 8

The end is near

This is the week when we are actually starting to put together all of our findings and starting to produce the final 5 minute video. This is slightly more stressful for me than other members in my group because I am the one who actually has to write the script and edit the video. This job was appointed to me in the beginning of this project and I am starting to feel the pressure. 

As our group is concentrating on finding crowdfunding and crowdsourcing strategies that would help our NGO, I have found the weeks where we discussed crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, the most useful weeks out of all of the 8 weeks in this project. I also think that week 7 was also really useful, because we had the introduction to video making from Shahab. This is obviously helpful for me, because I am the one who is producing the video for our group. So taking everything into consideration, I think that we have a pretty decent plan on what we are doing in the video. We agreed early on that we were going to record a presentation style video, which I think is good for this purpose, because presentations tend to be very informative, and this will ultimately help our NGO the most. Despite this, I agree with Gabriela, that this type of video is quite boring and not visually appealing, but I still think that a presentation would be the best way of communicating our thoughts to the NGO. In this case, I am also taking into consideration the lack of video editing skills that our group has. Because of this, I think that it is better to play it safe and not try to overreach. Actually because of the feedback from Gabriela, we have agreed with Michael, that we will try and record some video clips that we will try and add to the video within the slides. I think we are going to try and make it more humorous, to bring some balance into the video; so the voiceover will be serious and then the visuals will be more light-hearted. Coming back to the unmet needs of our NGO, I do think that the work that our group are doing would potentially help the NGO the most, because it would help them to get donations more effectively and it will also extend their network. I’m not trying to undermine the work that the other two groups are doing, but I think that crowdfunding and crowdsourcing could potentially have the biggest impact in our NGO’s success. However, I also think that the NGO needs to work on their social media appearance and their website before hand, so this ties in with the work that the other groups are doing.

So yeah I think that we are tackling good issues that are really holding our NGO back, and hopefully our videos will be informative enough to help the NGO overcome these things. Speaking of which, I need to start writing the script for the video now…. so bye! 

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