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I apply this phrase in most of my lifetime. For instance, my eating habit and working out. Like having a mouthwatering dessert after our main course meal and workout an hour per day because I really love eating fancy food. This week and the last week of holidays we have been very busy with our video making. I literally use my brain capacity for brainstorming for our final projects. But I am actually pretty enthusiastic about it so I gave out my best for the last. I am looking forward highly to the process of the video making part, it’s going to be real fun!

There are two lessons learnt: 

1. Productivity. If you are not in a good state of it, don’t bother to start working. Otherwise, we’ll not focus on what we are supposed to do. 

2. Plan. No plan, more time is wasted. 

Some things that we have to keep in mind:

1. Finish our video by this week, send it to our client to receive feedback, and we can fix what’s wrong, then we have the perfect video!

2. If we will be doing it during the weekends, we can’t do it at THU; we have a great idea where to do it though.

3. Focus on the program that we promote. Details will be explained in the final report.

I NEED HIGH-COFFEE. Although my most productive period is at night, I still need coffee for some more energy. Thank God we have finally have our ideas polished in a script. I was thinking of writing it on powerpoint; the titles will represent the drawings (since we will be doing a drawing video), and then the body represent the speech, which will be presented by Ava. The script then again were edited and modified by Elle (me), Maira and Ava (the AP graduate). Danny, Roxi and Melvin were working on the drawings that can help to visualize the script. The final video will be edited by Melvin (the technology expert) and Elle (me, pretty much have experience in videography). Here below is a little peek of the storyboard.


Some evidences of our hard work… (on the picture; Ava, Danny, Elle, Maira, Melvin, Roxi)




It is tiring, but the process unconsciously lead us to learn something. I believe that in working conditions like this; it will be applied to our daily life someday after we graduate from university or whenever we are done with our academical institution. There will always be one person who takes control of the productivity and keeps the environment motivational (mostly by food), one person who thinks a lot, one person who are more focused on technological aspect, one person who are good with presentation and literature, etc. This differences in a person makes a great group. A great group will therefore, create great things. Most importantly, we are not doing things only out of our personal passion and gifts. Rather, by thinking outside the box, we link these aspects with outer world connection; take a deeper consideration towards others needs and satisfaction. In other words, doing what we love and making other people love what we are doing. In short, it’s not just you, it’s the Society & You.

You might find it pointless and questionable why are we working so hard for this? and in the end, we do realize that the first time we’ve decided to attend IDE course is to be an innovator; we are future-minded people. If you are satisfied with where you are standing and how you live, be thankful to those great innovators who have been working so hard for us. Remember, we will be like them too. This goes back again to where we started and realize how those tiring days are just little things that will make big things.

And what could be the BEST of the LAST?

Clients and audience are more than just feeling satisfied with our final video, good grades, celebrate, HOLIDAY!

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  • Laura { Love your reflection on the video making! Hey, I just bought that same tea! You won't die.... glad to see you lov'in it 🙂 } – Oct 31, 9:45 AM
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