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The puzzle of the Solution.

 For some people this would be the last blog post, but not for me. I’m “special” in a way that’s not to be proud. Anyway, post theme is: “Which way is the most effective in achieving the unmet need of my NGO?”

For that I think the answer is AWAIRNESS.  The unmet need is a need that is unknown yet, but may appear in the future.  Future is full of surprises and you never know which person you will need. Anyone can be helpful in some way; they just need to know that you’re there to be helped. In this world there are many things, ways, hobbies and so on…. Too many things to be listed. These things are similar. Now I will use the Apple example, because everyone knows what apple is. There are a lot of companies that make phones, laptops, all together and more, but Apple is the most known one and the most expensive one. They can be expensive, because they are well known.  But how is it connected to NGO’s? That’s a good question. Well, there are big and small NGO’s, but only one “pie”. Let’s call world’s people awareness the pie. Well, the pie is only one and as in animal nature, the biggest animal takes the biggest part of the pie. They can take the biggest part because they are most known and that gives him more people, contacts, space and much more. The same goes for PAGE, to get people to help more, believe the cause, to volunteer, PAGE needs those people to know about them.

Awareness, of course that was the answer all along, but it’s not that simple. The road to awareness is long and rocky and slippery and many more ands.  To attract people is harder then it sounds, actually most of the things in this world are harder and more complicated than they sound, but let’s not get distracted.  What’s the key’s to successful awareness?

  • Marketing, what the hell is marketing??  I think marketing is everything that gives you awareness. If I go to a group meeting dressed like a chicken, the group members will think, I like chickens, I’m weird, and I like Halloween, but its not how you get the message is about getting the right message, in an attractive way.
  • Being different, well this involves a lot of creativity. Like I said, there are a lot of things in this world, and a lot of people trying to achieve same thing as you are, so being different is a huge benefit. The thing about being different is that you should never forget what are you trying to be different from. For an NGO, you want to be different than other NGO’s, that means you can’t go the same roads as they are going. You might have to be more aggressive in your marketing strategies, but there must be a line that separates you from the rest.
  • Believing your cause! Here is a phrase from the most famous quotes, but  that’s true. People do stuff to achieve different kinds of causes, but what people don’t realize is that they actually believe them.  I go to work, because I believe I will be rewarded money for it. The second I stop believing  they reward me money will, be the second I won’t get paid for my work, In that second I will stop going to work. There is a lot of words, but it’s simple to understand. People don’t do things they don’t believe in. NGO should believe that they are doing their goal, if not then why are they doing it, why are they even an NGO.

This text keeps getting longer and longer. Furthermore, what should be the solution to the whole problem; well I still think its awareness.  If PAGE as an NGO gets more people know about them that could solve many problems. My computer teacher from my high school had this story.  It was around year 1996 when he made the website for our school. He started it simple. At that time my high school didn’t have any computers except for the teachers. Students only learned theory about computers. At that time a professor from USA saw one of the posts my teacher made in a Europe school group. The professor wrote an email asking my teacher what would he do if he had 10 000$. Well my teacher wrote he would buy computers, for school, upgrade the system and so much more. At that time that was enormous money.  The professor believed that my teacher had the goal to educate students, so he gave him the money. My professor did what he said he would, he bought new computers for the school and soon after there were noticeable changes in students education. Year after that, the professor wrote another email to my teacher asking what would he do if he had 20 000$. The professors picture and name is still on my schools honor wall. The point is that, anything of this wouldn’t have happened if my teacher hadn’t made those few posts in the school group. The same goes for PAGE if she raises enough awareness then someone somewhere will believe that she is the proper person to achieve that goal and will help. That’s why I believe this is the solution.

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