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One single but ultimate recommendation

If I have to choose one theme that can be the most beneficial to PAGE to help them overcome their challenge , Crowdsourcing is my ultimate choice.
Crowdsourcing covers so many different sectors. You can crowdsource ideas, knowledge , resources, (even physical/material resources).
Although crowdsourcing is now a days made use of primarily via online communities, crowdsourcing can also be very beneficial when it is solicited in a more traditional way - that is in the physical world.
In my regards, PAGE could make use of crowdsourcing as a pillar to solve their challenge of ‘getting more volunteers and donors’. They need to get more volunteers and funding , and in order to achieve this they need to raise awareness about themselves. 
To be able to raise awareness, one of the things they can do is enlargen their network. This can be effectively done through crowdsourcing.
PAGE could connect with NGO’s (on a local or global level) that have similar goals and values as them. That way, they can make effective use of crowdsourcing to share and receive information, experience and resources with these other NGO’s.  The Girl Scouts of America for example is a ‘hub’ of information and resources PAGE could benefit from via crowdsourcing with them.

Many NGO’s have the aim of serving the world and its people in different ways.  The impact created by such organisations can be enhanced if they regroup their ideas and resources to collaborate together effectively. This can be done through crowdsourcing. PAGE can make use of crowdsourcing for the above reason, but also to reach out and join forces with their clients, donors, volunteers and basically all the stakeholders affected by or involved in the things the NGO does.

Sales force 1 for Nonprofits is a foundation that serves as a platform and that has developed an application that helps NGO’s across the world to connect and collaborate with each other - PAGE could make use of such a tool to benefit from the extensive advantages crowdsourcing has to offer.

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This foundation also offers tool kits on various topics including how to build a community. PAGE could use this, as building a community is part of enlarging their network of connections. This will enable them to overcome their challenge as they will be able to attract more people to help them. 


Source : Engage and Strengthen Communities Solution Kit, sales force foundation, page 8 

Crowdsourcing often results in innovation, new insights, improvements and enhancements, and is usually very beneficial and enriching , which is why PAGE could definitely benefit from it ; may it be to overcome their challenge or to improve and get more insights in general to aspire for a growing and fulfilled future.

SamaSource is an NGO that makes extensive use of crowdsourcing, leading to successful and positive results and consequences.

In addition, existing crowdfunding platforms can be very beneficial to PAGE as the topics discussed can provide guidelines and knowledge and resources for PAGE to use to help them grow as an NGO and get their projects successfully running. 
Crowdsourcing. org , is an online crowd funding platform  that covers several components of crowdsourcing : crowd funding, distribution of knowledge, open innovation and crowd creativity.
It is possible to just view the content posted and the reactions and opinions of the users of this platform. It is also possible to post questions,ideas,thoughts via it. PAGE could make use of such a platform to receive feedback on any ideas they have or problems they face. That way, they can get connected to other NGOs or people with more experience in the appropriate sectors, and receive responses, opinions, advice and suggestions from them.
This is a way of enabling PAGE to improve, and enlargen their network, people will get to know about them and could send more people (volunteers & donors )there way .
Since Crowdsourcing involves getting services, content or resources by soliciting help from a large group of people, crowdsourcing also includes Crowdfunding.
PAGE needs more donors/funding, thus, they could make use of crowd funding to achieve this. Platforms  such as Catapult and Crowdrise would be the most appropriate for PAGE as they are NGO-focused. Indeed, they are used by organisations such as UNICEF and the American Red Cross.
Refer to Previous post : Crowd: Sourcing & Funding   for  detailed description and explanation of crowd funding.
If I had to recommend ONE ultimate solution to help PAGE  overcome their challenge, it would be to Raise awareness by Enlarging their Network, and do so by  CROWDSOURCING in one or many different ways.
I perceive Crowdsourcing  as an equivalent of  the domino effect in this context [ You know, when you line up the dominos one after each other and you push the first one over : the others all follow one after the other]. What I mean is that like the domino effect , crowdsourcing can get PAGE going much further than its initial intended purpose. It can connect PAGE , get people to know about it, enable PAGE to obtain information, knowledge and resources, and let it tap into the people out there and get contributions from them in many different ways.
A Small change can have a significant effect and many beneficial consequences.
I believe Crowdsourcing can enable this !

Ciao !
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