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Group 7 Blogs
  1. Allie vs Alex
  2. Emilie's Light Bulb Moments !
  3. Kalvis Riptide Design
  4. Laura Lezeu (Project Community 2014)
  5. SilverBlogging
  6. Xander's Project communities
  • Maggie { Thank you, Nancy! It's been a very productive and inspiring Hangout - I loved researching Etienne Wenger's posts, there are some really interesting thoughts in... } – Oct 30, 6:19 PM
  • Maggie { Thank you for your feedback, Nguyen! I'm happy, that you've also made progress during the course! It's been really interesting 🙂 Nice to hear, that... } – Oct 30, 6:17 PM
  • Maggie { Hey Jennifer! Yes, it's amazing how much I/ we have learned in these couple of weeks! Haha, yes! Who doesn't like those funny kittens? -... } – Oct 30, 6:12 PM
  • Maggie { Hi Kiki! I'm happy you like it! This is also part of our advice for our NGO (as our challenge is to encourage people to... } – Oct 30, 6:09 PM
  • Maggie { Thank you, Janneke! I was really impressed by how much I've learned in the last few weeks. Right now, I'm really interested in issues like... } – Oct 30, 5:59 PM
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