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It has already formed.

Two hours ago, I decided to start writing my blog for this week. I spent two hours not writing a single word, just sitting in my chair and thinking of everything about the project from the beginning until now.

It does not mean that I don’t know what to write, on the contrary, I have a lot of thoughts in my head but I need time to arrange all the information in the order that you can understand easily.

Let’s talk about the NGO of my group. Our NGO is CNCPTMKR, an non profit organization supports social entrepreneurs with other strategic and practical advice on online marketing & communication founded by Maarten van Leeuwen . Our group project is helping him by giving advice on creating a network for anyone especially for specialists who are interested in sustainable agriculture and social innovation. At this moment, among the themes I have been looking in to so far I believe that the theme of Marketing/User/Customer support Communities will be the most use towards our group’s goal of solving the unmet need of our NGO. Why can I say that?

First of all, when Maarten wants to build a network for specialists, he has to have wide networks. I see that Maarten has been creating many channels to be able to connect with many people such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. However, the information I can get from those channels is not so much. He need to think of using these channels in the marketing way so that people can know more about him and his project.

Secondly, Maarten is running the CNCPTMKR by himself. It means that if he creates a new network, he will manage this network by himself too. I have a feeling that he is doing too much and he does not have enough time for those activities. He may need somebody working with him. Marketing will be the best way to let people know more about Maarten and want to work with him.

I personally think that Maarten will play a key role towards success during the process. Although our NGO is the CNCPTMKR but actually it is about Maarten because he is the only person behind the CNCPTMKR, the person who has many ambitions of working on sustainable agriculture and social innovation. Because of that, before creating a network for specialists I think our group has to start from Maarten.

In my opinion, the first advice of mine should be Maarten need to marketing himself. He has been doing it but I think it is not convinced enough. He should present and advertise himself like a brand of CNCPTMKR. There may be many people or organizations pursuing the same ideals as Maarten doing. But the thing that make people want to come to CNCPTMKR or want to join to a network created by Maarten is himself. To do that, he need to take time to add more information in detail about himself and especially the purpose as well as the process of what he is doing in all the communication channels that he is using so that people can easily understand without confusion.

The second advice is Maarten should join to networks that have the similar purposes to the network that he wants to create in the future. He should join as the founder of CNCPTMKR. There are many benefits from being a member of an network. Firstly, he can use crowdsourcing to get more ideas, experience from other people which having same interests with him. Secondly, he can get the attention of a lot of people from around the world of what he is doing so that may be there will be many people want to work with him, want to help him or support for him. Thirdly, by joining networks like that he will learn and have more knowledge also experience about how to create and manage an online network. These knowledge and experience will be very useful for him when he start to create one.

If he has already done everything I have just said I think he can start to create the network. But not as the same way of creating CNCPTMKR. This network is a platform so the success of an online platform depends mostly on its administrator. In my point of view, I think he should put his personality on it. For example, if he has sense of humour, let’s it expressed on every words he uses. He loves food and drinks so I think he can share anything about food and drinks in a particular way in the network. That will make the network different with others because it bears the stamp of Maarten.

I am not sure that our NGO can read my blog or blogs of other members in my group. If he can, I hope he can find something useful. And if he can find something useful, that is the success of our group. Good luck for Maarten and good luck for us :D!

Thank you for reading!

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