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The final blog!

The last blog for this Project communities has arrived.

Our group is very focused on delivering a video that meets all the criteria. Over the holidays our group hadn’t done much work. Therefore we decided to kick it up a few notches and really move forward with the video. 

We all agreed on a platform to create the video, which will be Prezi. We feel that Prezi does a good job of displaying information. Not only is Prezi good at displaying information, it also allows for a creative ‘swing’ behind the presentation. The visual movement that Prezi allows, makes the video stand out rather than a presentation. It was fairly easy deciding on a platform, as we all agreed that Prezi would get the job done.

Before we started the video, we decided to divide roles. This is something we learned during our project communities course, and we find it very useful. While we were dividing roles, two members of the group said that they agreed that I would narrate the movie. At first, I was a little surprised and did not understand why they chose me. However, after talking to them and the other members in the group, we agreed upon  reasonable conclusions for why I should narrate the movie. After we all decided that I would be the narrator, we divided tasks so that we can develop the movie. We divided the tasks simply by looking at the work that we have done through out the course. It would make sense that myself and someone else would write the narration. Alex, who has experience in movie editing offered to work on the movie making and Kiki who has experience with Prezi said that she would join Alex to make it easier for the both of them. Eline and Camila would work on content that would be displayed in the movie. This includes tables, images and even making sure that our solution is clear for everyone to understand. I was quite happy with the way our group handled dividing roles, as no one complained about not wanting to do a certain task. 

We then worked very hard and consistent, and got a lot of work done. Aline and I were writing the text (narration) which was a lot harder than I first expected. We both knew what we wanted to say, we just did not know how to say it in a formal and understandable manner. This made me extremely confusiastic. Enthusiastic as I am really looking forward to the final movie and of course confused because we did not know how to express our selves formally. We decided to give it our best shot and talk to other group members to make things more clear. During this Aline and I started to work more with Kiki and Alex. This is because we need the narration to be in line with the Prezi, of course. We were walking through slide by slide and giving each other information on what to put and how to put it. Having two extra minds thinking of how to express yourself, made it easier to form our words.

After about four hours of good productive work, our supervisor came to check on us. She gave us feedback on presenting the movie, how to combine the Prezi with the narration as well as general information on how to improve the overall video. We all found this very helpful as we could see our work from a different point of view. Of course our supervisor wants us to achieve the best we can, and therefore her input made our work a lot more clear. 

By the end of the day, we had worked for over five hours (some of us without a break), and were mentally exhausted. We had gotten so much work done that it was hard to think. I couldn’t talk to someone, without having to focus on what I was going to say. This was a new experience for me. 

I enjoy making this video and presenting our progress in a different way, rather than writing an essay/report. I have never had to present my work in a video before, and therefore I am intrigued by this process of creating the video. I enjoy working in our group and find everyone fairly easy to talk to. The process of making the video is not over yet, our group will have a meeting on Friday to finish everything, and probably another meeting to finalise the video and make sure everything is in order.

I think I have learned quite a lot about working together in a group. Things like dividing tasks, setting principles and being patient has helped me through out this process. At first I was very eager to jump into finding a solution, however I have learned that waiting for the right time to find a solution is a better solution. Solution is a key word as this has been our main task through out this project communities process. I look forward to finishing the video as a group, as well as watching what other groups have learned from this course. Writing blogs is also a totally new experience for me, however I have come to enjoy reflecting on every week. 

It has been fun, and thanks! :) 

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