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3…2…1.. ACTION!

Hey there!

Even though, the course is almost over, our to do list is longer than ever! 
Preparing storyboards, deciding for techniques, making appointments for recording the voiceover, writing reports aaaaand so on… it’s really a LOT to do!



But starting from the beginning: As we had all our content from the syllabus and our research together, we started making decisions on what we want to show and explain in the video and what is not that important and should just be mentioned in the report, which we’re giving to our NGO. Even though, we had some discussions on the exact content, this was one of the easier steps. 

We elaborated a script with the content for the narration and started brainstorming on how we could visualize it - what was not easy! 

Firstly, we decided to use Prezi and Screencasts to make a very informative video, but then we had another hangout with Nancy, where we got piles of inspiring ideas, so we blew our prior idea off and started all over, in order to communicate our advice in a more „entertaining“ and storytelling way, by using Maarten’s shoes (or at least a pair, which could be his), to show, that we stepped into them, when working on the challenge, trying to see the things as he does to meet his expectations as well as possible! 


source - NO, those are not Maarten’s shoes! 

We also made slight changes concerning our techniques: we added Stop Motion for the shoes and animated screenshots (?! - sorry for my not really professional expressions, but I had and still have not much of an idea about videos and how to make them, except from just pressing the button with the red circle on a camera) to “show” our ideas while explaining them.

After that we did some research on storyboards, also by watching the videos in the week’s syllabus, and started designing ours, in order to get a better idea of what our advice-video will look like. But this assignment took us ages, as we couldn’t decide which option would work best or which technique would look better… 

But somehow, we’ve managed to finish our storyboard and it doesn’t even look that bad! When we checked it with our tutors, we had to make some small changes to make our video more „human“ (= VERY easy to understand). So we tried to explain each of our steps very precisely, but because of this we also had to make some cutbacks in the introduction, to keep the time limit. 

All in all, I was really satisfied with our preparation work, but now it is about to realize it, what will be even more difficult as the steps we’ve taken before… 

But I think it’s mostly about organization, to succeed: to schedule enough time, to have the right technical devices, the requisites, enough helping hands and a nice voice (which will be provided by Jennifer).

Looking back at the video making process, we’ve made so far, it’s been interesting, as I haven’t experienced this work before, but it was also a lot of work with even more little „design“-decisions to make, which we haven’t really thought of before. Though, in the end, I really enjoyed the process and can’t wait to see the end result of our work and our NGO’s feedback on it!

But now, I have to go back to work - see you soon!


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