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The finale

The end is coming very close and we are working hard on our presentation, which is exciting. We all really took a week off so yesterday we had to dust ourselves off, pick up where we left off and work on it! And I must admit that I very much enjoyed working with the team, so thanks team 4! I probably liked it better because we were more productive than ever before and we really got some work done. So I discovered that time pressure can be a driving factor, pushing us in the right direction.

As we didn’t have a clear plan yet, we started thinking about the storyline of our video. What is important? What is less important but needs to be mentioned? What order to we put things in and how are we going to work on this; together or separately?

We decided to split up the groups and me and Alex where in charge of starting up the Prezi presentation.

We didn’t really have a discussion about the tools that we thought would be best to use, as Prezi is a great tool for making our ideas and vision clear, and I knew a little bit how it works from last year (I did discover a whole lot of new effects and smart ways to get more out of working with this tool so I’m happy about that!).

In the end we will probably combine prezi with imovie, add voice narrations and some soft background music.

We started thinking about how we could make this movie interesting and fun to watch. We want to keep everyone’s attention, and bring across our vision of helping CNCPTMKR with providing its clients with a better and more productive way of mobile collaboration.

 So we divided our team in 3 couples of 2 working on the narratives, the final advice and the prezi, but we were still able to collaborate at the same time. At one point we started the narratives and the prezi, which gave us a lot of insights on how to improve our work. This showed us that a regular check up works very well. A short break in between also helped us to get a fresh sight on everything. It has been a tiring yesterday, I think we are at about half way through with our video. But then again, we shouldn’t underestimate the amount of work there is left in the final touches (knowing from experience…).

source: group 4 :)

In this past 8 weeks I’ve learned some important things about working in groups and my own position in this. I’ve learned that planning is crucial for our group. If we don’t have a clear plan, no work will be done. Clarity is needed to make any kind of progress. As for myself I’ve learned that I work more productively if I can work towards a clear goal. Knowing what we are trying to achieve helps me. At the beginning of project communities it wasn’t very clear on what Maarten wants from us (we still don’t exactly know but we found a way to deal with the unknown) but in this last weeks I’ve experienced how quickly a project can move towards an end. 

I truly hope Maarten and his CNCPTMKR can use our advice and that we somehow made a difference. I have learned from it, and above all, enjoyed working on this project. 

Thanks for reading my blog! 

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