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Last week and what really should matter for our NGO

The last week of this project has come and time went by more than the word quickly could ever describe.  The topics we have learnt over the last few weeks have been divers but I’d like to point out one of them.


Why? Ok let’s start at the beginning. The unmet need of our NGO is basically that they would like to make more money to work with than they have done so far. But what does that mean simply asking people to give them more money. Nope that won’t work or at least it wouldn’t be so sustainable.

The biggest issue of our NGO is the lack of man power  they have no one to take really care of essential things as the online appearance or such things as promotion and advertisement.  

Advantages of crowdsourcing?

  1. Possibilities to outsource essential work
  2. Extending your network of people outside the exciting structures
  3. Increasing awareness level

In my opinion it will be essential for them to sort out there basic structures so far. The five board members which are pretty much the NGO have to either take their roles serious or they should use such described resources the outsource these tasks. Another positive effect would be that the chance is pretty high that these people would automatically start talking about their new roles which not only mean that they start to identify with the project they might also promote and advertise it for you. On top of this, new people always create new ideas or at least bring some fresh air into such projects. It seems to me that the work which is happening around the NGO is pretty lethargic and events to raise money are quite repetitive. It doesn’t really appeal to people if you keep on doing the same.

Overall, building up structures without crowdsourcing seems to be impossible for our NGO right now. The amount of work which needs to be done to reactivate the project is too much for five maybe even less people.

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