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Did you miss me?

 It might be quite the opposite, but don’t worry it’s the last time you here from me, well at least in this form of network activity. Well now, don’t shed such crocodile tears, I’m sure there will be something else even more challenging coming up in the next module. I have high expectations of what our tutors have prepared for us in the following months.

This week we had to create our storyboard that we’ll use as a plan to follow when we film our video. I think that was one of the most useful things that we’ve done for the prototyping of the presentation till now.

Ok let me start from explaining a bit more about the tools we’ll use for depicting our solution. That would be our hands, markers and a camera! And of course the awesome skills of our technological stewards- Melvin and Elle. Basically the video will be in a form of cartoonish drawings that we are going to use to visualize our two solutions. To make it more clear we’ll have Ava to do a voice over that will be matched with our drawings. We’ll use either a whiteboard or a graphic tablet as a plan B. If plan B fails we can always resort to Prezi.

We had already decided on what drawings we should make, but the hard part was actually putting them together, so that it looks as a complete story and sends the right message. This is when the storyboard comes. It made the whole thing more structured and clear. Even though that helped a lot, we still have a couple of sleepless nights to come!

One thing that Meggie reminded us was not to get swept away by the current and keep in mind that the emphasis should be put on the action that PAGE will take in order to become more visible to the audience, not the exact tools they will use to achieve that. We are trying now to get that message across!

Crowdsourcing in terms of gathering people to do something for you in my opinion is the most approachable option that is for PAGE.  In order for PAGE to reach a broader audience, first it has to build a solid foundation of peers, that later will be her main support and link to others. Forming the avalanche effect this strategy will later on make it possible for PAGE to start a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

But to accomplish that PAGE should start from somewhere. As PAGE’s main goal is to improve digital literacy, a perfect opportunity will be to establish a virtual internship program in some of the best universities and colleges in the local area. It could be conducted in several ways. The program might incorporate collaboration between the universities. They could work together on topics that will be featured in the summer classes and then apply them in real time virtual conversations with the girls. With time this program could be developed into real internships or exchange projects. The virtual learning could be implemented through:

-        One on one volunteer chat-rooms- provide personal approach; develop relationships; build up trust and confidence;

-        Breakout rooms – they improve the relationship; they are structured and brief; small enough to promote everyone’s involvement.

-        Polling – receiving continuous feedback

* Something that Nancy mentioned is that in order to build strong connections and later on maintain them PAGE has to receive constant feedback;

-        Whiteboard – Interactive & collaborative

All of these could be accomplished through Google apps that represent a vast variety of options:

-Hangouts for conducting video chats that could simultaneously be streamed and saved on a private or public YouTube channel

-Gmail for e-mailing

-Youtube for sharing videos

-Google + as a social media, where useful links, videos and documents could be shared

- Google Drive for sharing document and photos

- Calendar for assignments

Another idea regarding the virtual program is to implement a virtual book group. This will encourage literary skills and will present bigger access to book supplies.  Moreover, it could be also used to continue the tradition of storytelling.

P.S.: Matanee mean see ya in Japanese

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