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Almost there!

Last post for Project Communities! It’s been 2 months now and a lot happened.

This course was a whole new experience for me for many reasons. This is my first time studying and living away from home so it was kind of exciting and scary, a lot of new people and different cultures together! The way things work at the university are also very different from what I’m used to, but a new point of view is always good. The blogging for instance, I still think it’s very hard to write weekly reflections but I can see my improvement and this makes me very happy. I also have enjoyed a lot working with my team and can’t wait to see our final video.

Oh yes, the video… so much to do!

We decided the platform we’ll use: Prezi. I’ve seen this platform before and I think it’s very cool, but unfortunately I don’t have any experience using it. The group decided Kiki and Alex will be in charge of the video editing using Prezi, Kareem and Aline are writing the narrations for the video, me and Eline are writing the content of the video. I’m enjoying this experience and I think the group is closer than ever. We worked really hard on wednesday and I look forward working tomorrow. Making the video is harder then doing a report, but I guess that’s the point. Pushing ourselves to doing different things, learning with different approaches and being innovative!

Coming up with a solution for our challenge wasn’t easy either. We couldn’t do a lot of skype meetings with Maarten, sometimes his answers were very vague and we don’t know much about his clients. So basically, we created possible clients and worked with different solutions for each one of them. I really wanna thank Janneke and Nancy for all the insights, because sometimes we were kind of lost and you helped us a lot!

We are doing our best and I have great expectations for our final video. I hope that our advice is relevant for CNCPTMKR and Maarten, can’t wait to see everyone’s presentation!

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