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Week 7

During the past 7 weeks of Project Communities I learned a lot about online communities. We had different themes throughout this course: technology, teamwork, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and marketing. All these themes were very interesting, but some were more relevant for our challenge’s solution. I think it’s great to see how much I’ve learned and every week I wonder: “What’s going to be the next theme? What more can I learn?”

Technology is all around us. Every day, all day long we use it, there’s no escape! It is amazing how much easier our life is now because of it. We are always connected to new information, to people all around the world and that makes knowledge flows so much faster! Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are great examples of how technology connects and make things easier. It’s amazing to think that people can help support your project with ideas, insights and even money.

I’ve always used online communities and networks for my personal life, like talking to my family and friends, reading articles, watching videos, etc. But now with this project I use it a lot for research, communicating with my team members, sharing ideas and I feel much more connected to it. I can’t go through a whole day without checking my group page and my e-mail, there is always something to do.

What I’ve learned in this course is listening and sharing. When you work as group is very important to be open to other people’s opinion and also to collaborate. So I think the most important principle is respect. I don’t need to agree with everything that everybody says, but I need to listen to it, reflect about it and respect. I’ve learned a lot from my group and it’s amazing how our teamwork is getting better week after week.

One theme I think I would like to learn more about is Marketing. Creating, delivering and communicating value to customers is very important for a designer. If I expand my knowledge in marketing it would help me a lot with my future projects and delivering a more suited service for my clients. I intend to read more about this theme, and hopefully have opportunities to practice it in this course so I can improve myself.

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  • Laura { I especially like the reflection on the teamwork! } – Oct 31, 9:55 AM
  • Laura { Love your reflection on the video making! Hey, I just bought that same tea! You won't die.... glad to see you lov'in it 🙂 } – Oct 31, 9:45 AM
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