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Week 8 – Looking back

It is week 8, and we’ve had our last class of project communities. Time to look back at what we’ve done.

Out of all the topics we dealt with during the course, crowdsourcing is the topic that my group most used for advise to help Children of Mexico. Of course this is because we were assigned to focus on crowdsourcing and –funding. But still, I personally think it is very important for CoM to make use of the possibilities of crowdsourcing.
As the organization consists of only five board members who work on CoM in their free time, both their manpower and time resources are very limited.  By crowdsourcing, they could transfer tasks they can’t take care of enough themselves to volunteers. They can help with updating the website and social media, help advertising or with crowdfunding campaigns.
For example, as we explain in our video, a campaign video really influences the success of a crowdfunding campaign. Henning told us about his idea to produce video documentations about children’s life in Mexico. CoM would need volunteers who have knowledge in video editing or media representation to realize that idea. If they also produce a campaign video, the use of crowdsourcing could increase the success of crowdfunding.
Also, the NGO’s network would be increased. So far, CoM’s network consist mainly of people they know personally: friends, parents of their children’s friends etc. If they employed volunteers, those volunteers would be included into the network. As they will most likely talk about their work to others, more people will become aware about the NGO. And of course, the online network can be increased if CoM and their volunteers work together effectively.
Another positive effect can be that the higher number of people involved in the project can lead to more new ideas.
So overall, I think that effective crowdsourcing can be the key to success for organizations like CoM.

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