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Networks are the REAL DEAL!

I wonder why this blog didn’t wrote it self.  That would have eased things. Anyway, fourth weeks topic is about networks. What is that?? Glad you asked, Watson. Let’s describe networks, as anything you do online. If you search information for designing that’s a part of your design network. If you look at your friends photo in Facebook, that’s part of your friendship network or something like that.

                Time to REFLECT.  How do I use my internet networks? Depends on the network, I have networks about games, drawing, music, guitar playing, socializing, working and so on. Each of these networks works differently. For example, in my video game networks I’m a lurker( a lurker is a term used in internet communities were a person reads or gather some kind of information without adding anything to it or engaging in discussions about it), so I’m just reading stuff about the video game, I personally have thought about engaging in conversations about video games, but there are some obstacles. First of all, I don’t spend that much time in video gaming, I play them once in a while, but not that much, so I probably wouldn’t be on the same page as others. Second, video game communities are “toxic” that means most of the things discussed there aren’t that useful for me and most of the time people there are arguing. Talking about other communities, I engage some of them very much. For example, about 4 years ago I found a pixel character drawing community – that’s the best I can put it in words. This community chooses different kinds of character through books, movies, games etc.  and draws them in pixels. Doesn’t sound that impressive, but its actually fun. When you know the right pixels to put in, then you can redo it on different surfaces. I usually put them into street art or something like that. The website is called Haven’t made new submissions lately, but still a part of the website ;)

                Talking about these kinds of networks or online communities, most of the people I interact, I don’t even know in real life. This excludes social networks. So talking about interactions it doesn’t matter to me if the community’s members are a small circle of hundred or a huge one of tens of thousands, posts usually are the same. If your work or comments are good enough then they will be seen.  In Latvia we had a similar website to 9gag. There people could post anything and if it was good then it was seen, ether a post or a comment.  It is harder to get attention in bigger communities, but that doesn’t change the way I interact with other people!

                From all of my networks, I would say that the most important are my social networks, because those are the only networks, I actually know people in real life.  It’s not the same to know people when he is standing next to you or knowing him with chats and posts. I try to keep relationships better with people in real life, because I know they will respond me better if I ever had a need for them. Talking about which one is the most comfortable that would be my Latvian 9gag website called . There I can post anything – important stuff, silly stuff, random stuff.  I can’t actually notice my preferences. I have random communities. Some are art, sport, games, videos, jokes, social life – a little bit of everything.  I see some of these preferences totally opposite of the others like sports and art, I follow each one of them and I enjoy each of them as well.

To sum up, I use networks, more than I would like to tell anyone. I believe that most important information comes from peoples own life experiences not some theoretical sh*t I can read in Wikipedia or Facebook, and the best way to find these experiences is to visit different forums, communities or my personal favorite Reddit. 

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