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Week 8 Most Hectic Ever

Good day lovely readers,

Since friday I have never seen this much grey hairs see appearing on my head. We’ve got much stuff to do and it’s getting a bit overwhelming! But these busy days do hint, that the end of this course is drawing near.

Claire and I have been working on the video and it has not been going really easy actually. We are both very perfectionistic apparently and this isn’t always a good thing. Due to the amount of time we have, we really had to diminish our expectations and deal with it.

Considering the four themes of the project, the one that is most important for our NGO BouwQuest is Marketing. The three things I think that could play a key role in the process is:

1. BRANDING ->  The way he communicates to the audience should be consistent. Now it isn’t.

2. WEBSITE -> Visualize his awesome work. He is a great architect, but his website doesn’t show his beautifully designed houses.

3. Use Facebook for business purposes, since marketing on Facebook is easy and cheap.

I’m giving my apologies for this weeks blog, but I really want to make this video work, so I’ll spend my time in Premiere!

Thanks for reading!

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  • Paul { Love it!! Maybe you should design a folding business card too! } – Oct 31, 11:20 AM
  • Tomas { Hey Ronja, I think you did a great job on the important roles! something we should definitly use in our final advice! Great job 🙂 } – Oct 31, 11:13 AM
  • Laura { I especially like the reflection on the teamwork! } – Oct 31, 9:55 AM
  • Laura { Love your reflection on the video making! Hey, I just bought that same tea! You won't die.... glad to see you lov'in it 🙂 } – Oct 31, 9:45 AM
  • Milena { aahhh we all really feel like this I think 😀 ... maybe the teams for tiny houses can establish our own Project Communities Village above... } – Oct 30, 11:24 PM
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