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Without Tears

Last week, last blog. Do not know why but it felt that I did not want to write this last blog at all. I think, only one reason was that it feels sad to be done with this course. It seemed that we were growing so fast in Project Communities course. Our knowledge of online communities was getting wider and wider every single day. However, everything has the end as well as our NGO project.

Two days and we will have to deliver the results of project on which we have been working for more than 8 weeks. I already mentioned it at the beginning, that for me it feels sad that this course is almost on it finals. It was great opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience that we earned during all these  lectures, Google Hangouts with Nancy, meeting with  Carl - Peter and of course, learning from our tutors - Laura and Mathajs big THANK YOU who supported.

I remember my first blog during week one. I was so excited about starting this course and writing blogs. I was excited as much as I was nervous at the same time. Never did blogs before, did not even had idea how it should look like. More personal? More official? More professional? I was like a little girl who was scared of the dark.  And now I am looking at myself. So many blogs done, so many reports. One of them have been better other ones not that good, but most important that now I am confident in writing personal reports and finally I am felling joy by doing it.

Talking about final week, I could say that I am also proud that I was part of Group 3 - during all this time our group’s members improved their knowledge with project about passive houses, morphological design, Crowdfunding and how it affects company and etc. really fast. Journey was interesting from the start when we had this call from architecture Carl - Peter by asking to come to his company and have real meeting with him. Everything was getting more and more exciting. Of course, as in all journeys we had some adventures as well. For example, our project’s company BouwQuest have changed problem twice. For us it was scary, we had to start in the middle of the project all over from the start again. But at the same time, I think, It was one of the best lessons for us, because that is how it goes in a real designers life. Unplanned changes last minute, unsuccessful projects, unhappy customers. It is just a part of hard work.

Talking about hard work, from Carl - Peter we were asked to came up with idea how to raise awareness about morphological design and how to make insulation “sexy”. Our group chose topic - Marketing. We think that by using Online Communities in a right order we can bring solution for BouwQuest.

Firstly, these days Online Community is doing extremely big influent for companies. They are sharing knowledge, ideas. Online Communities is the best way to raise awareness about passive houses. For example, by uploading information about latest  projects of Carl - Peter to the Facebook page of BouwQuest.

Other solution for our NGO, that our group came up, is to make BouwQuest’s page more attractive for customers. For example, more information about projects, personal blogs from Carl - Peter or even design/architecture projects from personal portfolio of Carl - Peter  would bring more interest from young designers/architects. Sharing is one of the most important things if we will talk about Marketing. Make your product attractive and people will talk about it and that is how you will raise awareness about your specific and outstanding design.

All in all, I feel happy and sad at the same time. This journey was full of new experiences, adventures and challenges. I never thought that Online Communities, Networks, tools could have such a big influent in to designers life. I am really looking forward to know much more about it because this course of Project Communities brought curiosity to know much more. Big Thank You would like to say to my perfect team BEM. I appreciate of your respect, finding time, teamwork and friendship , that is how collaboration should look like. !!!  

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