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What have I learned from this course? To be honest, I can’t really think of anything on the top of my mind. That sounds horrible, but it is not what is seems. My head is bit of a chaos, a maze of weird thought, a lot of music and a lot of information obtained by this course. All swirling together, so to get a clear vision I’ll have to write it down. And well, I’m doing that now;)

Well this course is about online communities, and as a product from this generation you can’t deny that online communities are a big part of your life, if you like it or not. But I never stood still with the fact that that part will on increase during your professional life, especially when you become a designer. Designing is not an exact science, there is no right or wrong. There is only the need of others and your own you want to please. You have to stand out in the crowd, but how can you do that if nobody knows you exist and what you are creating.

In my past blogs I’ve always preached about the importance of face to face communication, and I stand by that point. But for finding the people to communicate with, online communities are amazing. I, and probably most of the population, can’t afford it to go across the world just to talk so someone or show your designs.

And something you also have to realise, how original are you? If you aren’t up to date with the new innovations, it’s possible you aren’t as innovative as you think. You don’t want to spent a year designing a product that already exist. You can use online communities to find that hole in the market, something that doesn’t yet exist but is much needed.

Before starting this course my knowledge of online communities was very limited, mainly social networks. I was used getting inspiration from walking outside, going places and meeting other people. I never believed in getting inspiration by just sitting behind a computer screen.

But that bias has gone completely, it’s not just looking at pretty pictures, but also keeping up to date with new innovations, meeting new people an making your voice heard.

What I want to learn next? Well we learned the basics this module, which communities there are, and which one we could use. But we didn’t learn about the process and experience of using it. I think that is a very big part. Learning about the pros and cons of certain communities and talking to people who have used it.

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