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A story has no beginning or end

Hello everyone!

It is the end of the module which means the end of projectcommunity :,( but i shouldn’t start saying farewell already as me and our group are leaving a ‘never forgetting solution’. 

Our group’s theme was both crowdfunding ad crowdsourcing but at the end we decided taking into account CoM’s needs that crowdsourcing will be most ideal for them however we still have some solution in terms of crowdfunding for them. 

The main issue

The main issue our NGO had was the amount of volunteers or the board members as there were only 5 people. The problem is that none of them do their jobs seriously, theirs only one person who almost does everything because the other people aren’t serious. After a lot of hangouts the solution we came up with was that they need a lot of volunteers so they need to have as many volunteers they can for various things such as updating their website, organizing events, helping in any other way. Also taking into account that these volunteers also includes students from universities and schools.

But first they need to advertise them not only through social media but also differently. And also they first need to target people in Holland to join the NGO.                                                                                          

As a solution our group found an ideal website for solving this problem, we contacted these people and got all the information and it is a very good way of promoting as a NGO in Holland and also getting volunteers.As to get the best volunteers you need to advertise you NGO in a way that even students would want to volunteers. Also this website has a time period for how long one can volunteer for a particular event which is also very essential.


The other issue that the NGO has is they aren’t getting enough funds. So after a lot research we found a website where again the NGO can promote and advertise themselves by putting up a video which can be done after they have enough volunteers so it can be seen as a ‘after result’ of crowdsourcing.

Final Video

Our video is actually structured as metaphor of a growing tree and it is divided as the ‘Me,We and Many’ network which is done in the presentation software Prezi. So the video starts with the roots which is where the NGO is with its problems and it moves up to the stems to the solution and then at the end towards the leaves and the fruits to the after effects or what happens next. 

The End

This experience has been amazing because I remember i started off with knowing nothing i had a slight idea of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing but now i actually learned a lot of things and to be honest I felt like everything was going to fast but I learned a lot of things not only about NGOs and how to approach them but also how to write blogs and how to make people actually read your stuff. How to say promote yourself and the things you want the other person to see.

Also most important group work, decision making, listening to others, tolerating each other, coming up with different ideas and putting it up together and meeting up even during holidays yes that was a big challenge for me but you have to play your part as well because everyone is doing it!





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