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WEEK NUMBER 8 was aimed on making group video solving some…

WEEK NUMBER 8 was aimed on making group video solving some chosen issue. We did our video about the problem of one donation website called And what was going on there, i am writting under this sentence.

The first part of Video is representing a little disappointment of student who just found out website called In the other parts of the video is explained what are the main aspect of the website which should be changed to make this website runs much better. We made 3 main solutions which should be done to make this website better.
1.Lack of ‘’donate now’’ button – the process of making donation in this website is not that difficult but the ability to donate should be more visible and accessible. The one great example is given in official Unicef donation website.
2. Display of information be more selective in what information is posted- allow more English option,(The creator of the website must take into account that more language option makes the website more global ionvolved and understandable.
3.Organize information in a more specific tabs to make the website more clear
Add visible access links to social media and forum - build a forum within the website to allow supporters to contribute to website and feel more involved.

The web is one of the most powerful marketing tools , what can lead to global-help development. The important point of website is to give a good impression to the visitor of a site , the more focuse on the way the content is displayed- what is the goal of the website, what do you want to achieve through the use of website and build it up from there. According to research made by Dell computers co. the larger images can lead to low visitor bounce by almost 30%.

The site have many good attributes, possibily a few too many. By being more selective what is displayed and updating the website to allow users to become more involved the website will succeed and continue to thrive.

As for my group.
As we ve been through many different exercises as a group we developed our skills in collaborating in team. No matter whats the individual role in a group everyone is putting as much effort as they can to built up this and that makes our group unique and special.


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