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Marketing and the internet era

It’s fair to say that I was more than a little confused about the marketing models. I always thought, and still do to some extent, that all the business and marketing equations have mostly been developed through common sense. That gave me the impression that it therefore must also be easy to grasp and put into practice. That is how it looked like from the outside. After this week I know that that is simply not the case generally. Marketing ‘strategies’ is the more apt term that to me also implies that analysis and evaluation is involved.
Having said that, it is obvious that I am not very knowledgeable about marketing. I do understand that marketing is not only advertising but consists of research to for example find environments where the product can be placed for exposure. After looking at the Coca Cola, purple goldfish and value proposition models I came away with ideas based on them associated to our NGO. The Coca Cola model wherein the brand is presented in the local fashion does not apply to our model as Tiny Houses aren’t a global brand. However, the other two models fit well. The purple goldfish strategy focuses on the brand presenting their service in a way that shows how it is unique and different. We can take the downsides of other forms of housing where the tiny houses actually have their strong points. So how would the tiny house community be different to a standard living area. In a somewhat similar way, value proposition can be used to highlight the benefits of tiny houses.

During this course we have looked at implementing online communities, platforms to organizations. And we can also look at the marketing from this angle. One of the advantages we have in the internet age is that we can release content and promote by ourselves and still reach a large number people. However, simply reaching them is not enough as after reaching the target group their attention needs to be gained for them to actually see what your service is about. They need to be convinced that they need the product or in this case the community. Further on, online tools must be effectively used, such as ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’. This lets the audience that is interested present it to their own social circle. Seeing as people in social circles tend to have similar interests then this can increase the likelihood of the organization to receive their next ‘like.’ All possibilities for gaining exposure must be exploited. Another factor that must always be considered when promoting is consistency. The page should not be active for a month by posting content, information about the developments and progress of the organization, while disappearing for an extended period of time.
The online tools and platforms need to be effectively used and content must be consistently produced for the audience to maintain relevancy. A Facebook group that lets enthusiasts present their projects or the houses they own. It is also a way to measure interest and size of audience. Crowdsourcing-funding let people get involved and feel connected to the community and the ongoing project of growing the community while providing ideas/knowledge and funds for the community.
Regular blogs can be posted about the progress of the community and general news and also other developments that could be of interest to the community.
With all that, it starts to become obvious that it is no small piece of work to take care of promoting and content distribution online. Therefore a technology steward is of considerable importance.

It has been very useful and informative for me look at this area of online promotion and presence. I will be using all this information and string of thoughts to apply to my own projects. There is definitely passion and motivation needed to consistently be active to help grow a brand or organization.

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