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The past couple of weeks it has been crunch time. Hectic and sleepless days. But we have reached the end with loads of knowledge and ideas in our proverbial suitcases! To run things down I’ll look at the areas that are of the most use to our NGO, the Tiny Houses.

For any corporation or organization there is a need for structure to reach targets. An organization such as Tiny Houses wants to create a community in the flesh. To reach that goal there are several obstacles. The organization has a current group of core members. This means that there is a need for work teams to tackle the obstacles.

having a work team will be crucial as different people with different skill sets are brought together and utilized to fulfill their roles which allows the organization to grow effectively and efficiently. The role of the technology steward and its value has been extensively discussed. It is a role that requires many qualities, such as passion to have consistency in the output, and awareness to be in the know of the latest developments in online communities/platforms, and of course also having the knowledge and skill to realize the needs of the organization when it comes to online presence. If the work teams are constructed wisely it can harvest results which would have otherwise been inconsistent and/or lacking in quality.

Having work teams adds organization and structure seeing as the tasks and goals are grouped and divided for the teams in the first place. it gives a direction to the members and shares the workload. This can translate into the results showing positivity and a clear push forward in terms of progress. The groups must be managed attentively to assure results and activity on all fronts. The right people must be put together with qualities that complement each other in order to insure optimum results. Otherwise progress can stall and things will go slower than if it was done individually. The sizes of the groups must also be managed with consideration.

Working in teams is beneficial to the quality of work when the members are critical toward not only their own work but also that of their fellow team members. the members can act as a sounding-board to each other as well, allowing the others to bring out their thoughts (or even encourage them) and developing them together at the same time. having to work in a good team also forces the members to work at a good pace. I have experienced that when I am working alone the amount of work done over time is very inconsistent. But by working in a group and regularly meeting the work will be done more efficiently while also having a high quality.

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