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Double Agent

What does it sound like to you? A secret identity? *Nah, stop being so overly imaginative, Elle.* But I’d like to think about it that way, let’s make something fun out of it. This time it’s about how communities and networks can support your work as a student and a designer/an innovator

This brings me back to one of those days in our introduction week, when we were asked to sell jewelry out of shoelace and wooden pendants. One big mistake that my group and I made was focusing too much on how to create something beautiful without knowing what the client wants. Therefore, we couldn’t sell what we designed in the beginning. This is where the starting point of project community is; getting to know who your NGO is before thinking about what you want to offer. When it comes to the fields of business (career), customer is the KING.

Us vs. Them

First thing first, we, as students, are working as a team. What brings us here altogether? We, as innovators/designers, are willing to offer creative ideas to our clients. Why working in teams? we, as students are here to learn by participating in the whole process and as innovators/designers are here to develop ideas from each of our different field of concepts. You see, not all designers are the same. In this case, there are an architect, a stylist, a videographer, a creative director, a concept maker, a researcher, and a manager. Together, great innovators/designers create great things. How can we make a good use of our specialties for someone else? This will take time to find out as we arrange group meetings to gain more ideas and a hangout session or any other method of digital communication with our clients. 

Need + Want

It’s easier to define for what you want than what you need. These are two different things. Let us take these two aspects into the account of our learnings. It’s about what we want to achieve things for ourselves (needs) and how can we do it (wants). So, we have to know what we need first before doing what we want. For example: 1. Knowing your NGO; i need to know what to offer so i want to arrange a meeting and communicate. 2. Setting up your goal; i need to make my client happy so i want information and create something involving the fields of technology, food, education, etc. Personally, in this case, as a student, I want to learn so I need to be actively participate group meetings and get tasks done well. As an innovator/a designer, I want to build relationship, improve communication skills, work efficiently because I need to impress my client, celebrate with my members when our project have succeeded. If we can control what we want by knowing what we need, we can create a valuable piece of work.


It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about creative strategy. We are ready to play your game, NGO! Our goal as a team is to build a long-lasting relationship within and outside the community. And of course, to make our NGO client and audiences mind blown with our ideas. CHECKMATE.

"Specialty Quality" 

ME TIME NOW. This is one of my favorite self-inspirational quotes by Roald Dahl. As for myself, I’d like to improve my skills in videography/film editing by doing the final video project. I’d also like to easily express my ideas and concepts into words with other people because I’m not good at it. I volunteered to the group as the communicator of other networks. I want to improve my social skills because it is one of the important factors that will be useful in the future. I want to build relationship with my group members. Not only that, I would also like to have a little more insight towards different culture (since the group consists of international students). Therefore, I can communicate with various people from different origins and gain knowledge about their authenticity. 

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