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Technology Stewardess-ship

I love traveling and I had a thought of becoming a stewardess just because of it. In this case, I am digitally traveling; my group and I (six stewardess and one pilot) arranged a hangout meeting with our NGO partner; Elizabeth McIntosh from Madison County and also Nancy White from Seattle for further ideas and development. Getting to the first step; we have reached our NGO client, who is PAGE (Partnership for Appalachian Girls’ Education)…

And one more step ahead; developing ideas…

Communication these days…

The method of communication is virtual in this current century we are living in. Smartphones/devices is the amoeba. Without it, we are missing a lot of new things. I usually reach my friends and family through LINE or WhatsApp for text messages. Video call is the most trending method of communication because you get to see each other’s faces and it is pretty much a magical little thing. FaceTime is the most practical way of video conversation, in my opinion, and most people use Skype for it. Lately, people have been addicted to SnapChat, which is a 10 second max per one-take video or picture (or what they call it #selfie nowadays). However, in this project, we decided to use a totally foreign method; Google+ for project-purpose conversation. This will then, add some experiences in using a new tool; Google Hangout.

Conversations lead us to new informations…

Spidergram is a useful chart to picture the difference between what we know about how strong the activities of the online community are rated and how much they are supposed to be. By knowing the differences, it can help us further to define our goal by focusing that particular area of activity. For example, by the spidergram above, we need to focus on cultivation (growing the community) and context (internally-focused). So, our plan is to focus on raising awareness within the local community.


We as unique designers are willing to help by creating impressive ideas for PAGE. We have to keep in mind that we plan to raise awareness locally. Although we are not familiar with them at the moment, we will!

To make our research work efficient, we decided to divide tasks

there will be two or three people working on these…

more information about PAGE, more information about learning program from local institutions, more information about video method

Again, talking about communication, based on cultural differences, it affects what kind of tools we are using to reach international network and how familiar are we with these social media. Therefore, we decided to stick with Google Hangout. 

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