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Mind to Matter

When it comes to marketing, it distracts our direction of mindset to how to sell it. Familiar with online shopping? Most stores, big or small, are using this method to reach more customers. 

Even if PAGE do have a website ( ), their existence is still far away from being known. Now it’s time to get people to know more about it. Remember that we are focusing on getting volunteers locally, so popularity isn’t really an important factor. 


This goes back to Nancy because we knew about PAGE from her. How did she found out?

It started with that one question…

As she have became our guide as ideas and development, we had another video meeting with her. She said that she knew PAGE from Elizabeth, who happen to be friends with her. 

And one more…

How did you build relationship and manage to keep it going on from various networks?

Well, because they are friends.

I do personally believe that when you make friends with someone, especially a good one (they are hard to find), you will build a continuous relationship. As for teachers, there are many people and not just teachers, who are willing to teach other people. This evaluates that the moment when you communicate with outer communities, you build relationship. This should not matter to our program because volunteers will definitely build a strong relationship with the girls as they continuously keep up with the lesson and introduce interesting topics.

Therefore, we decided to arrange the program into separate categories in this sketch below

What are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks based on your experience in this course and your project?

Based on my experience with the process of project community ideas so far, I found some design principles to formulate a better way to handle online communities;






This principle will be use as our method of finalizing our last project; video. We created a script to make the process of the video more convenient and efficient. To keep the productivity alive, we suggested to celebrate it right after this whole course is done by having a lunch/dinner together or hangout somewhere. As a student, i have to participate in a teamwork and we have to show consistency in our work by being aware of the topics we have learnt each week. To keep our originality principle, we have to constantly remind ourselves to focus on our ideas of our program. The Digital Literacy Program itself is our original idea. The theme of our video will also be original, and I decided to make it cute for The Pickles.

To link this with the topic, as we students knows less knowledge about the business world than elderly or any businessmen/women out there, I want to learn how to create/offer something that interests customer and goes viral. This will make me become a great innovator/designer. 

By doing so, I will personally discuss these with my parents because they are also businessman/woman. I will also initiate on experiencing a part-time job, participate volunteering events, and some other activities that could help me develop my business skills.

Since this is a project community course, we as students do things voluntarily. Think about charity, donation, “free”, etc. As innovators/designers, we don’t mind to think about what matters to our client. 

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  • Laura { Love your reflection on the video making! Hey, I just bought that same tea! You won't die.... glad to see you lov'in it 🙂 } – Oct 31, 9:45 AM
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