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Almost there

Before the class started my group got together to discuss the last details before the making of the final video. It was an interesting meeting that helped us clarifying our last actions. On that day we started and finished our storyboard. We discussed it with our tutor and with each other. The feedback we received was very helpful and gave us a clearer vision of our approach to the project.
After two hours of collaborating we finally moved on to the task division. Attila and I are responsible for the practical work of the video. Specifically, we have to drain the content of the storyboard and with the help of some programms make a video out of it. The rest of the group was responsible for coming up with the content and linking it to the storyboard. Of course all of us added some details to it!
Although I am experienced with working on the computer in different ways I had never used programms like presi or windows movie maker. I have to say that in order to get the best out of what we have learned Attila and I have first to get to know these programms as much and as fast as possible.
Last but not least all of us learned how to work together in a big group. We realised that in order to have the best results the group needs to divide the tasks into individual work, couples or small groups of three or four and finally all together for the refinements. I am glad I can learn through this process because it was unclear to me at the beginning. Slowly I acknowledge the importance of the course and can’t wait to see what we can achieve.

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