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Themes themes themes (week 8)

Which of the themse weve been looking into so far will be the most use towards your goal of solving the unmet need of your ngo? Give at least 3 reasons why and tell who/what you think will play the key role towards success during the process.  What do you think the soltions should be and wh?

A multimedia presentation typically contains at least one of the following elements: video, animation, sound (voice over or background music), and navigation structure.

Following this guideline our group decided to incorporate a few elements to create an interesting multimedia presentation with the aim to be informative and interesting.

We want to include video, a presentation with a clear navigation structure with a voice over and a video at the end of someone speaking concluding the points made. 

The presentation will start with a short clip of a user interacting with the NGO website.  This will make a clear start of the user and to maybe reveal some fundamental issues with the website on face value.  We feel that this will be a powerful opening as it will be visible what the main issues of the site are, that is what the starting point should be.

From this, a presentation using prezi will begin with a voice over narrating and explaining the points on the presentation.  We chose prezi for the presentation as there is a clear flow in navigation, they are clear and easy to use.  On the presentation summarised notes will be displayed as the narration will be doing most of the explaining and elaboration.  This will keep the viewers’ attention as there won’t be too much text displayed which will avoid boredom from the viewer.  Rather have the narration explain these points clearly to ensure clear communication and thus an overall better understanding. 

From the presentation I hope the NGO will realise that the main problem he is currently facing is poor communication on his website.  A lot of useful information is displayed but almost too much.  The website lacks structure and a clear path of navigation.  Because of this I feel a lot of potential supporters are lost.   The NGO has to realise that a website is a fundamental communication platform of information to the world.  If this platform is poorly made and structured, it simply means a low level of support.

Solutions should contain a clear navigation system throughout the website, a clean structure of information and a clear donation button as the website runs on donations – this should be one of the most obvious and clear options on the site.


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