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Multi-Media Presentation

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

This quotes truly reflect the situation that I’m currently facing. This week we’re assign to make a multi media presentation about our NGO (PAGE). And we did some brain storming, and found out three types of media that we could make. First of all we’re planning to do a stop motion using clay and paper as the main figure. Secondly, we make a video based on real life recording. Last but not least is a concept from “draw my life” inspired by youtubers which using a white board and recording it, or another alternative is by using a application which is available in the internet. 

With severals discussions, we’ve conclude to choose the concept of “draw my life” (option number three). The reason why we choose this is because our basic aim is for promoting our NGO which is PAGE and show to our customers our objectives and aims. By using this media we’re able to attracted them easier since that this media is now trending in the virtual world and that many companies are also using the same technique. 

Moving on, our first step we decided to make a story board first so that our video would be well-structured. Here is a photo of our story board. 

After this process we’re writing the script based on power point since that it would be easier to present, then we finalised it using a real script. For our voice or vocal, Ava (one of the member of our group) is the most suitable person to cover our presentation since that she’s American, and with her American accent would help our audience to better understand our video (Since our target audience is also from North Carolina, America).  

During the process of making the video, we have experience some problem regarding the recording. We’ve decided to use virtual board for our plat form since that recoding in real white board in real life would be harder, and that virtually as individual we can do it in our own home (which is more efficient). 

For me, I had difficulties in editing since that when using virtual sketch, they have made frequent mistakes and that we have to do a lot of editing. So me and Elle decided to split our job so that I could to half of the video, and she will do the other half. It took around 1:30-2:00 hour for us to finished editing. It was surprisingly fast, maybe because we had a good working environment (we did the editing in Danny’s place) 

So here is the link for our our Video!!!

I think that overall we as individuals have our own role to play in this project, and It turn out pretty well especially we’re a large group (7 people). And as the only male in this group, I can get along with the others, at first it was awkward, however over time I get very comfortable with them and the result is satisfying!

I hope that I can work with them again in the future, It have been a great experience!

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