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Communities and (social) networks are generally very useful…

Communities and (social) networks are generally very useful tools in case of helping students(especially as a designers ). They may find support and innovative ideas by being involved in, as much as they can. By getting know more and more communities, student get to know much more information and that means that he can put his developed ideas influenced by communities support into meaningful and radical inventions and creations …
What do I need & want to learn, from application of online communities and networks to open innovation design? Basically , I personally want to know how to cope with variety of different situations the innovative designer have to cope with.. I find global design not very changeable but adaptable.. It seems like those innovation are coming in waves which are repeating every couple of years. I think that usually designers are not inventing something new( in one point of view) but they should solve issues which weren’t solved in past… because in past designers were basically doing the same as now… By using knowledge of communities I would like to know how to solve a huge variety of issues and global problems and needs. What “specialty quality” will you bring and contribute?
I can help to my group by visualizations, innovative ideas and ecological solutions and I hope my effort will be very useful.
Btw… Our NGO is resolving quite big topic including The research, documentation, preservation, protection, promotion, rational management of natural heritage, architectural heritage, the natural and built environment and the overall cultural heritage of all time in Greece, Cyprus and internationally. I thing its very interesting and it has got a future global usage.

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