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Tiny Houses Enthusiasts

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A Tiny House is defined as a livable structure, generally on wheels, and under 250 square feet in size. There are many motivations for tiny house living; no or low mortgage, eco-friendly, low carbon footprint, self sufficiency, flexibility. The Tiny House movement is gaining momentum world wide- in Florida we have over 1000 members in the Florida Tiny House Enthusiast Facebook group.

Some tiny housers are looking for solitude, a small house on a big piece of land where they can live off-grid. However a growing number of people are looking for a “community”. In Florida, we have many ‘mobile home communities” and RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks” which allow people to buy a small lot, pay a fee for community amenities and live inexpensively.

However, these tend to get run-down, and end up being home to a very transient community. The Tiny House movement is looking to start something similar, a tiny house-friendly community with a choice of large and small lots, with only tiny house structures on site.

The ideal community would have individual lots, but also community spaces to include the following:

  • Community garden
  • Meeting rooms
  • Picnic area
  • Pool
  • Dog park
  • Laundry facility

As a group, we tend to prefer natural spaces. We’ve done several group interest surveys and would like space to be near a body of water, close enough to a big city and shopping, but not on a main highway or train line.

The challenges

  • Zoning: There are 67 counties in Florida, and each has its own unique zoning laws. Most houses have to be over 500 square feet and on a foundation. While some tiny housers are building on solid ground and not on a trailer, the concept is still to keep it well under that size. Existing RV Parks are an option, but in many cases they are not in acceptable, safe locations. We’d like a location and site plan that incorporates the elements of the community described above.
  • Funding: As a group, ne need to be able to develop a company to invest in and manage a tiny house community. Purchasing an existing space zoned for small houses seems to be the way to go, but we have not been able to get it off the ground because there’s not a central management entity.
  • The Tiny House itself: Many are self-build and to live in an RV Park, must be certified as RVs. This is problematic because there is only ONE person state-wide who does this. The individual building the house documents everything, sets up an appointment when it’s done and then waits for this person to come certify it. There are several Tiny Home builders who are RV Certified, but they have to have built your house to certify it. We are interesting in developing a state-approved Tiny House certification program.

Contact Name: Shorty Robbins
Web Site:

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