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Finish Line/”Opposites attract”

 biSince the start of this course I militate for this idea that the force for an NGO is given by the connection with big business; and a sustainable relationship can be with a company. I had this idea for the last blog post and I did some research to find out the pro’s and con’s. A very good explanation was on the IISD’s website, where I found also the title for this post (I find it very inspirational). Check the website here:

I agree with the fact that social networks helps an NGO evolving, but its not a reliable and safe source. On the internet a subject can receive major interest today and tomorrow everybody will forgot. Social networks are like a circle made by information which orbits always. Think about the IceBucketCheallenge which was a huge campaign on the internet one month ago and now almost everybody forgot it. This applies for PAGE too. My opinion is that the more people involved the better. I am not saying that they should neglect this aspect at all, but it’ll be prolific for them if they will try to establish connections with business and companies with the same core values as them.

An NGO and a company can help each other. The company can be a donor or a source of human resources but maybe you think “How the NGO can help a company?”. For example, my beliefs for PAGE are that they can be a source of advice and guidance. The cause for this NGO is not a world wide issue so they have to act on the local region. I did some research and in less than five minutes I found 9 big companies in the Asheville region. So there are possibilities to ask for help. 

It is not necessary to give money to the NGO, they can give them products or helping them in another ways, which will be also helpful. One of my idea busted when I found a stationery factory, close to their region. PAGE can create a brand which can be sold and part of the amount can go to the NGO and the other to the factory. Many factories practices that. In this way the factory will ear the trust of the customers. 

Another idea can be based on a change. Because everywhere is a leak of workforce and also people hardly find a job, the companies can help the girls to develop strong knowledge and then help them and give them a job. This will be helpful for the girls to create a future and also for the corporation because they will have well-prepared people.

Is still hard to say what will help PAGE , but I am sure that a real contract between them and a company/ factory will be a major aid in their development. it is a marketing relationship in the end.

With the team we tried to cover all the possibilities and give PAGE a large view of what they can do. I am happy that I worked with a really great team and we completed each other and the result will be useful for PAGE.

imageTo show you one example, this is one of the branding thing that I thought and created for PAGE and also a sneak-peak for what will be in the final video. 

Bye, guysss!

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Revealing the secrets behind marketing strategy of Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker - The Man Who Walked Around The World

Check out this video of the very first Johnnie Walker commercial. I will be reflecting on its brand in the following post. Take a 6 minutes of your time and enjoy! Thank you.

Johnnie Walker is a blended Scotch whiskey, first introduced in 1820 in the grocery stores. It’s famous all over the world, with annual sales of over 130 million bottles. Owned by Diageo that originated in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland, Johnnie Walker built the history and strong position on the market, even almost 200 years later.

The video starts with a piper, playing music somewhere on a road in Scotland, on a typical rainy weather, in the mountains. Out of nowhere, there comes a man, walking down the road. He makes the piper stop the music, so he can tell a true story.

The man is dressed up in old classy clothes, smelling like history and untold secrets. He walks bravely, courageously. like he has been through a lot. The music is low, progressive motivating, with a sense of adventure. During the 6 minute video, he passes by objects, which happen to be on the road at the perfect time, perfect place. They relate to the progress of making the precious liquid, from barrels to the bar with bottles. 

In the end of the commercial, he points out a label “Keep Walking” - the main memorably moto of this brand. As he walks down the road, telling us the true story, he reminds us to “keep” doing it, as a metaphor of flowing time, a chronology of life. 

The bottle became an icon, the brand - international symbol of progress.

As a whole, this commercial made me think of life, a burning desire to live and keep walking no matter what difficulties I face. A state of mind, where I believe in my potential, recreating the required confidence level. Now, I want this bottle, I want Johnnie Walker, a drop of it, to feel the taste, the fire and how it flows through my body, powering the “engine”, like the spinach reflects on Popeye the sailor. Now, I trust the brand, in its world rank, in its position on the market.

Can you feel it, too?

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